Announcement – Workshop Video Dance
A Dance Film Workshop related to POOL International DanceFilmFestival Berlin
March 13th – 31st 2017 DOCK 11

DOCK 11 offers a three-week Dance Film Workshop for young people interested in dance and filmmaking. With the help of artist mentors like Adrian Künzel („Smoke Clad Warrior“ POOL PEARL 2014) and Adi Halfin („Home Alone“ POOL Selection 2015) the participants are introduced to the genre and guided through the steps of production. They can create their own short film projects together with other participants.

The workshop consists of lectures about basic studies of aesthetic and perceptual conditions, camerawork and postproduction tools.
Get to know the field of video dance and meet the people behind the films!

Partipicants: The workshop is open for applicants interested in dance films and filmmaking whether they have little or no experience in it. Technical equipment will be provided. Workshop language is english.

Application Deadline: January 31st 2017

Participation Fee: 100 Euro

Funding: Funded by ESF Berlin

How to apply: In order to apply please use the application form under the following link:
Contact: Any questions? Contact us under

Photo: Filmstill from „Smoke Clad Warrior“ by Adrian Künzel
Dance: Kaddish, Fashion Design: Mads Dinesen
Concept: Denise Czerny
Graphic Design: Katja Karouaschan