amateur poetry

Programme 14.09.2018

Fran Orallo

United Kingdom 2017, 00:10:00

amateur poetry (

Amateur poetry consists of a video collage made through the appropriation of a series of fragments of videos downloaded from YouTube, which, assembled, form a succession of surrealist sequences, close to visual poetry.

The work involves the manipulation of a series of videos, which without any artistic intention, have been uploaded to the network. Through the decontextualization, overlapping, and distortion of the same is intended to create an artistic work, questioning the idea of authorship and intellectual property.

We live invaded by images, every day hundreds of videos are produced, that without artistic criteria, flood the network with individual visions of reality. With my work I intend to recycle these images and grant them a certain aesthetic criterion, manipulating them and generating a new meaning.

#Title: amateur poetry
#Director: Fran Orallo
#Country of Production: United Kingdom
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:10:00
#Camera: Fran Orallo
#Editing: Fran Orallo