Programme 08.09.16

Jonny Reed

Australia 2013, 00:02:41

Folk you - Jonny Reed - POOL INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN

A collaboration with Irish dancers and Riverdance alumni Suzanne Cleary & Peter Harding, the video deconstructs Irish dance with a series of percussive movements and sounds. Performed and directed in a nonchalant, irreverent style, the choreography and pace of editing are the antithesis of the typical frenetic performances of commercial Irish dance shows. The video also attempts to anchor this new deconstructed form in a more traditional yet fun and relevant style.

#Title: Folk You
#Director: Jonny Reed
#Country of Production: Australia
#Year of Production: 2013
#Duration: 00:02:41
#Choreography: Cleary & Harding
#Dancers / Actors: Suzanne Cleary, Peter Harding
#Camera: Jonny Reed
#Editing: Jonny Reed
#Sound: Jonny Reed
#Music: Peter Harding
#Signature: P16 01