Ghost Story

Programme 14.09.2018

Sarah Elgart

United States 2016, 00:07:33
Ghost Story follows four dancers in search of a narrative as they prowl the interiors and exteriors of Bjarke Ingels’ DAM Award winning “court scraper” VIA 57 West in NYC, responding to the building’s architecture and scale with movement. The film blends contemporary and street dance forms with the fashion of legendary designer Issey Miyake, and both are seen in context with the lines of the building and Artist Stephen Glassman’s “Flows Two Ways”, the  8-story sculpture forming VIA 57 West’s entryway.

#Title: Ghost Story
#Director: Sarah Elgart
#Production: Stephen Glassman & Aaron Slavin
#Country of Production: United States
#Year of Production: 2016
#Duration: 00:07:33
#Choreography: Sarah Elgart & the Dancers
#Dancers / Actors: Chelsea Bonosky, Albert Esquilin Jr (aka "The Ghost of NY"), Charissa Kroeger, Storyboard P
#Camera: Victoria Sendra
#Editing: Steve Pyne, Sarah Elgart
#Sound: Steve Pyne
#Music: Chapellier Fou