Pearls 2010




präsentiert am 07.11.2010, 19.00 Uhr im EDEN*****




Marcela Donato

Going Up?
Brazil 2007, 5:30 min.

“Sobe?” is a dance video inspired by a behavior “no no list”. We’ve chosen the elevator as our spatial and social focus; how should one behave in an elevator? What would be a “no-no” action for those specific situations? 

We break social silent agreements in order to displace this common everyday action into a performative context. 


# Director / Regisseur: Marcela Donato

# Choreographer / Choreograph: Marcela Donato

# Main Dancer/s / Haupttänzer: Marcela Donato, Carolina Campos, Fernando Klipel, Fernando Nicolini, Jamil Cardoso, Amanda Lima and Calixto Neto

# Composer of music / Musikkomponist: Music Colage By Helena Chaves


Liliana Resnick


Croatia / USA 2010, 12 min.

Although it has been 15 years since the war has ended a few women still await the return of their missing husbands.


# Director / Regisseur: Liliana Resnick

# Choreographer / Choreograph: Liliana Resnick

# Main Dancer/s / Haupttänzer: Blazenka Kovac

# Composer of music / Musikkomponist: Dalibor Bukvic


So Young Yang


Deutschland / USA 2010, 7:50 min.

A contemporary dancer is practicing ñ in a trial to find out the dynamic relationship between the weight of bones and the spinal alignment in conjunction with gravity and space. The positions of her body are extremely restless, a phenomenon which stems from the dancerís acute awareness of gravity and her effort to maneuver the perception of it.
To a video maker who is observing this session, the physicality of the movement that accumulates into a moment turns into a paranoiac psychological experience.
In this work, the psychological feelings are the other force in performance with the ìnever arrivingî JULIA.

# Director / Regisseur: So Young Yang

# Choreographer / Choreograph: Julia Kathriner

# Main Dancer/s / Haupttänzer:Julia Kathriner

# Composer of music / Musikkomponist: So Young Yang, Stravinsky


Phil Harder

Jacky & Judy

USA 2009, 4 min.

An ode to Norman McLarens Pas De Deux.

# Director / Regisseur: Phil Harder

# Choreographer / Choreograph: Rosane Chamecki, Andrea Lerner

# Main Dancer/s / Haupttänzer: Rosane Chamecki, Andrea Lerner

# Composer of music / Musikkomponist: Noel Kupersmith

# Producer: Tanja Meding