Programme 12.09.14

Simon Baucks

Germany 2014, 00:04:56

Inmotion from Simon Baucks on Vimeo.

Inmotion is a portrait of the stylistic differences and similarities amongst seven young dancers.

It seeks to explore possibilities that emerge solely from intertwining the creative processes of musicians, dancers and filmmakers.

There is no imperative to understand anything about Inmotion.

#Title: Inmotion
#Director: Simon Baucks
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:04:56
#Dancers / Actors: Safet Mistele, Murat Alkan, Ophelia Young, Lea Benecke, Jonas Onny, Jan Möllmer, Just Berger
#Camera: Daniel Tölke, Adrian Bedoy, Torben Köster
#Editing: Simon Baucks
#Music: Misagh Azimi
#Signature: P14 20