PEARLS 15.09.2018

Grzegorz Myjkowski, Katarzyna Ustowska

Poland 2018, 00:06:38

Line, Grzegorz Myjkowski, POOL 18

The main character of „LINE“, an 83 years old Mrs Krystyna, is a mathematician and a teacher. A sensitive to art person that is at all times searching and wanting to discover. Krystyna has a stroke-induced aphasia – a disorder of language functions which impedes the process of translating thoughts into words resulting in disordered communication. The same process of translating thoughts, feelings and sensations but into a form of movement, is however fluid. Krystyna’s communication through movement is uninterrupted, clear and precise. Paradoxically it becomes an extremely eloquent language in itself, a dance.

Krystyna’s movement presented in „LINE“ were inspired by the famous choreographic passage of Pina Bausch: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, from „Nelken” (1982).

#Title: Line
#Director: Grzegorz Myjkowski, Katarzyna Ustowska
#Country of Production: Poland
#Year of Production: 2018
#Duration: 00:06:38
#Choreography: Katarzyna Ustowska
#Dancers / Actors: Krystyna Zaucha
#Camera: Grzegorz Myjkowski
#Editing: Grzegorz Myjkowski
#Music: LASY feat. MaJLo
#Signature: Grzegorz Myjkowski