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Winners & Jury of POOL 14

POOL 14 was presenting an international selection of short dance films from September 11 to 13 at DOCK 11 in Berlin.
Already its eighth year, POOL attracts highly inspired approaches to filmmaking. Throughout the world, artists are creating choreography exclusively for, and with, the camera. The results are of very high quality and test the boundaries and possibilities of the genre. In addition, the films incorporate other creative areas such as fashion, advertising and music.
The POOL 14 jury has assembled a film programme from all submissions and selected its favourites, the 'PEARLS 14,' which have been presented to the public on the final evening. During the festival, POOL offered its visitors a forum for creative exchange and cooperation.

Jury: Elizabeth Markevitch, Hiroko Tanahashi, Arnd Wesemann, Wibke Janssen, Sarah Möller
Organisation: DOCK 11, Sarah Möller, Katja Karouaschan, Miriam Gimm
Foto: Barbara Dietl


An drei Abenden zeigte POOL 14 vom 11. - 13. September eine Auswahl internationaler Tanzkurzfilme im DOCK 11, Berlin.
Im achten Jahr hat sich POOL zu einer Plattform entwickelt, die überaus inspirierende Filmformate versammelt. Weltweit produzieren Kunstschaffende Choreografien, ausschließlich für und mit der Kamera. Die Ergebnisse bewegen sich auf einem sehr hohen Niveau und loten die Grenzen und Möglichkeiten des Genres aus. Darüber hinaus entstehen interessante Verbindungen mit der Fashion-, Werbe- und Musikwelt.
Die Jury von POOL 14 erstellte aus allen Einreichungen ein Filmprogramm und wählte die diesjährigen Gewinnerfilme, die PEARLS 14. Die PEARLS wurden am letzten Abend dem Publikum präsentiert. Während der Festivaltage bot POOL Raum für kreativen Austausch und schuf einen Boden für neue künstlerische Kooperationen.

Jury: Elizabeth Markevitch, Hiroko Tanahashi, Arnd Wesemann, Wibke Janssen, Sarah Möller
Organisation: DOCK 11, Sarah Möller, Katja Karouaschan, Miriam Gimm
Foto: Barbara Dietl

PROGRAMME 11.09.2014


Programme 11.09.14

Simona Deaconescu

Romania 2013, 00:11:54

A choreographer, a director of photography, a music composer and five dancers meet up on infinite ground, a space filled with
interlinked relationships. A moment of gaze upon each other tampers in a stream of emotions that flows out with different
dynamics. Five strangers are gathered in the same unwelcoming space, fighting together for a way out, tired by their confused
thoughts, trying to regain strenght over their altered bodies. The story unfolds itself from within. The camera bursts into the heart
of the dance whilst the music copes with the cruelty and the fever of everyday’s warfare.

#Title: Silent Places
#Director: Simona Deaconescu
#Production: Tangaj Dance, Tapioca Film
#Country of Production: Romania
#Year of Production: 2013
#Duration: 00:11:54
#Choreography: Simona Deaconescu
#Dancers / Actors: Dragos Istvan Rosu, Razvan Stoian, Irina Stefan, Alexandra Balasoiu, Simona Deaconescu
#Camera: Oleg Mutu RSC
#Editing: Codrin Iftodi
#Sound: Sebastian Zsemlye
#Music: Tibor Cari
#Signature: P14 01


Programme 11.09.14

Jacqueline Kooter

Netherlands 2013, 00:02:33

Wilful love…game or struggle?

#Title: DUET
#Director: Jacqueline Kooter
#Country of Production: Netherlands
#Year of Production: 2013
#Duration: 00:02:33
#Choreography: Jacqueline Kooter
#Dancers / Actors: a duet performed by painted, cut-out paper figures after dancers from the Dutch dancecompany Conny Janssen Danst
#Camera: Jacqueline Kooter
#Editing: Jacqueline Kooter
#Music: Eric Vloeimans, Jeroen van Vliet
#Signature: P14 02


Programme 11.09.14

Colectivo de Experimentación Mama Hilda

Cuba 2014, 00:15:33


A metaphorical video.dance exploration around the melancholy of Havana, a city that keeps itself alive because of the persistence and the movement by today ́s cuban youth, represented by the desperate dance of the spirits of spring whom, surrounded by the increasing greyness and the cold breeze, keep dancing and searching, trying to heat themselves through the last days of autumn.

#Title: Fall
#Director: Colectivo de Experimentación Mama Hilda
#Country of Production: Cuba
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:15:33
#Choreography: Laura Domingo Agüero
#Dancers / Actors: Chavela Riera, Lyvan Verdecia, Dyanna Benitez
#Camera: Nikolas Jürgens
#Editing: Alonso Víquez
#Sound: Leo Dolgán
#Music: Mono Fontana, Nacional Electrónica, Leo Dolgán
#Signature: P14 03


Programme 11.09.14

Nicole Seiler

Switzerland 2014, 00:02:08

Audio Description is a procedure that makes films, shows and exhibitions accessible to blind or visually impaired audiences, thanks to a voice off-stage that describes the visual elements of the work. For Amauros, Séverine Skierski, an audio-describer specialising in cinema and theatre, recorded several descriptions of choreographies.
These descriptions are subject here and can be shown as video projections or in an installation.

#Title: Amauros
#Director: Nicole Seiler
#Coproduction: Cinedans Amsterdam, Cie Nicole Seiler
#Country of Production: Switzerland
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:02:08
#Choreography: Nicole Seiler
#Dancers / Actors: YoungSoon Cho Jaquet, Dominique Godderis-Chouzenoux, Christophe Jaquet, Mike Winter
#Camera: Nicole Seiler
#Editing: Nicole Seiler
#Foley Assistance: Pascal Mazière
#Sound: Philippe de Rham
#Audiodescription: Séverine Skierski
#Signature: P14 04
#Webpage of the Artist: www.nicoleseiler.com


Programme 11.09.2014

Cristina Molino

Spain 2014, 00:04:29

Ella and Eric live an intense and heartbreaking love story. A promise will make it last forever.

#Director: Cristina Molino
#Country of Production: Spain
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:04:29
#Choreography: Samuel Retrorillo
#Dancers / Actors: Ximena Vera, Samuel Retortilla
#Camera: Cristina Molino
#Editing: Cristina Laguna
#Sound: Roberto HG
#Music: Dani Molino
#Signature: P14 05

Where do you want to go?

Programme 11.09.14

Alessandro Inglima

South Korea, UK, Italy 2014, 00:11:25

Where do we want to go? POOL 14 - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN

„Where Do You Want To Go?“ explores the feelings of people in their environment. The four dancers have different ways to observe and understand the city (Seoul). The camera delivers their point of view to the audience. This project originates from site-specific choreographies and street improvisation performances in Seoul.

#Title: Where do you want to go?
#Director: Alessandro Inglima
#Country of Production: South Korea, UK, Italy
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:11:25
#Dancers / Actors: Nauen Park, Jiin Gook, Hye Ryun Yong, Kang Hyen Lee
#Camera: Alessandro Inglima
#Editing: Alessandro Inglima
#Music: Alessandro Inglima
#Signature: P14 06
#Webpage of the Artist: www.alessandroinglima.com

Vanishing Points

Programme 11.09.14

Marites Carino

Canada 2014, 00:08:41

Like two molecules unknowingly affecting one another in space and briefly crossing paths, conceptual hip-hop dancers collide and share fleeting moments of intimate synchronicity on the streets of Montreal. Sucked into a choreographic time warp, viewers slowly realize things are not as they seem.

#Title: Vanishing Points
#Director: Marites Carino
#Country of Production: Canada
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:08:41
#Choreography: Tentacle Tribe
#Dancers / Actors: Emmanuelle lê Phan, Elon Höglund
#Camera: Manuel Roumer
#Editing: Marites Carino, Kara Blake
#Music: Andrés Vial
#Signature: P14 07


Programme 11.09.14

Stephanie Scheubeck, Roger Rossell

Germany 2014, 00:04:25


Im medizinischen Kontext war Aion eine Bezeichnung für das Rückenmark (als Lebensnerv)
Heraklit sagt: „Aion ist ein Knabe, der spielt, die Brettsteine hin und her setzt: einem Knaben gehört die Königsherrschaft.“
Mit dem Spiel ist hier die Aufeinanderfolge zyklischer Zeitabschnitte (Tage, Jahreszeiten, Weltalter) gemeint. Das Spiel endet, die Steine werden neu aufgestellt und ein neuer Zyklus beginnt.
Im Gegensatz zur Verwendung bei Heraklit erscheint der Begriff bei Platon in Timaios 37d nicht als Bezeichnung eines Zyklus, sondern als Gegenteil und Gegensatz der zyklisch fortschreitenden Zeit (Chronos). Der Himmel mit den Bewegungszyklen der Himmelskörper und Sphären ist ein Sinnbild der Ewigkeit, aber eben nicht die Ewigkeit (Aion) selbst.
In the medical context Aion was a name for the spinal cord (as the lifeblood)
Heraclitus says: „Aion is a boy who plays the board pieces back and forth continously. A boy owns the kingdom“
With the game here is meant the succession of cyclical periods (days, seasons, world age). The game ends, the stones are reorganized and a new cycle begins.
In contrast to the use in Heraclitus, the term appears in Plato’s Timaeus 37d in not as a designation of a cycle, but as opposite and contrast the cyclic advance of time (Chronos). The sky with the movement cycles of the heavenly bodies and spheres is a symbol of eternity, but not eternity (Aion) itself.

#Title: AION
#Director: Stephanie Scheubeck, Roger Rossell
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:04:25
#Choreography: Stephanie Scheubeck
#Dancers / Actors: Stephanie Scheubeck
#Camera: Roger Rossell
#Editing: Stephanie Scheubeck, Roger Rossell
#Sound: Ferdinand Kumpfmüller, Sebastian Völkers, The Psychonautic Vibrogroove
#Music: Michael Steffensky, The Psychonautic Vibrogroove
#Signature: P14 08

Project 2

Programme 11.09.14

Sebastian Gross, Tobias Ebling

Germany 2014, 00:05:46

 Project 2, POOL 14 - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN

project 2 is not meant to be anything.it is what it is for every person experiencing it.

#Title: Project 2
#Director: Sebastian Gross, Tobias Ebling
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:05:46
#Choreography: Corey Scott-Gilbert
#Dancers / Actors: Corey Scott-Gilbert
#Camera: Mantas Jockus
#Editing: Sebastian Gross
#Sound: Lukas Walter
#Music: Jonathan Walter
#Signature: P14 09

Tricky Trigger

Programme 11.09.14

Sonia Ntova, George Gerasimidis

Greece 2013, 00:05:16

A pill-bomb is swallowed and the party begins. Will it explode? Or is it just playing with a forgotten – by the society – body?

Solitude of the city. Abandoned joy.

How we can survive in the new reality?

#Title: Tricky Trigger
#Director: Sonia Ntova, George Gerasimidis
#Country of Production: Greece
#Year of Production: 2013
#Duration: 00:05:16
#Dancers / Actors: Sonia Ntova
#Camera: George Gerasimidis
#Editing: George Gerasimidis
#Sound: Vasilis Avdelas
#Music: Vasilis Avdelas
#Signature: P14 10

STAND 4.18

Programme 11.09.14

Sascha Engel

Netherlands 2004, 00:12:45

Stand 4.18, POOL - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN

We’re writing the year 2033, the political system has changed under the global power of the United States. The government is using a new malicious control-mechanism, to block people’s freewill and autonomy.
This majority of the population is called “Rhythm Slaves”. But there are some individuals left, who refuse to be absorbed by the system. They are practicing a religion called “COMO” (Conscious Movement). In order to refill the big city with positive, universal energy, the so-called “Comoshas” are executing dance rituals on public places, mostly in the night, when the slaves are sleeping & the speakers are silent.

#Title: STAND 4.18
#Director: Sascha Engel
#Country of Production: Netherlands
#Year of Production: 2004
#Duration: 00:12:45
#Dancers / Actors: Mirko Hecktor, John Taylor
#Camera: Ruzbeh Babol
#Editing: Sascha Engel
#Sound: Florian Magnus Maier
#Music: Florian Magnus Maier, Remco de Jong
#Signature: P14 11

PROGRAMME 12.09.2014

Longing to fly / Longing to fall

Programme 12.09.14

Erika Janunger

Sweden 2014, 00:14:00

Two people inhabiting a world where hidden powers effects movements and events in unexpected ways. A collaboration art piece, mixing dance, film, design and music. The furniture was designed especially for this film by Färg & Blanche.

#Title: Longing to fly / Longing to fall
#Director: Erika Janunger
#Country of Production: Sweden
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:14:00
#Choreography: Oskar Frisk
#Camera: Johan Lehman
#Editing: Daniel Wirtberg, Erika Janunger
#Music: Erika Janunger, Uno Helmersson
#Signature: P14 12

Jesus Tiger

Programme 12.09.14

The House of ia

USA 2014, 00:07:29

Performed and Filmed in the Summer of 2012 in Austin, TX and revisited in the Spring of 2014, Jesus Tiger is an investigation in the ritualization of spontaneity, a bestride of whim, and a voyage through masking our notions of being seen. Jesus Tiger is… a witness.

#Title: Jesus Tiger
#Director: The House of ia
#Country of Production: USA
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:07:29
#Dancers / Actors: kb Thomason (THOI), Jillayne Hunter (THOI), Alejandra Almuelle, Brandi Jo Perkins, Lila "litos lindos"
#Camera: Jillayne Hunter, kb Thomason (The House of ia)
#Editing: kb Thomason (The House of ia)
#Sound: Arranged by The House of ia
#Music: María Sabina, performing a Ceremony of Mazatec Indians of Mexico, Recorded by V. P. & R. G. Wasson in Huautla de Jiménez, in the Mazatec Mountains in the northern corner of the State of Oaxaca, July 21, 1956.
#Signature: P14 13

Intrinsic Moral Evil

Programme 12.09.2014

Harm Weistra

Netherlands 2013, 00:10:45

Intrinsic Moral Evil seems to be a tale of identity and coming of age. But above all, the three dancers play a game with the viewer’s perception and expectations: is it a memory, a dream, a search for identity ? Is it about losing of friendship or about growing up? The layered story gradually develops; revealing its last secrets just before the end credits start. Leaving the audience in confusion; inviting them to make their own interpretation.

#Title: Intrinsic Moral Evil
#Director: Harm Weistra
#Country of Production: Netherlands
#Year of Production: 2013
#Duration: 00:10:45
#Choreography: Fernando Domínguez Rincón
#Dancers / Actors: Joan Ferré Gomez, Jorge Abraham Guillen, Ortiz Frago Peña Gonzalez
#Camera: Jorrit Garretsen
#Editing: Michiel Boesveldt
#Sound: Aline Bruijns, Bart Jilesen
#Music: Ludwig van Beethoven
#Signature: P14 14
#Webpage of the Artist: www.harmweistra.com


Programme 12.09.14

Eoin Heaney

Ireland 2014, 00:06:00

 Turning, POOL 14 - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN

Inspired by the work of Eadweard Muybridge, Turning is a dance film exploring the cyclical nature and repetitive behavior of contemporary Irish society.

#Title: Turning
#Director: Eoin Heaney
#Country of Production: Ireland
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:06:00
#Choreography: Jessica Kennedy
#Camera: Piers Mc Grail
#Editing: Fernando de Juan
#Music: Irene Buckley
#Signature: P14 15


Programme 12.09.14

Carla Forte

USA 2013, 00:06:00

„Four characters, united by their thoughts and separated by their realities, transform their existence into movement“

#Title: Interrupta
#Director: Carla Forte
#Country of Production: USA
#Year of Production: 2013
#Duration: 00:06:00
#Choreography: Carla Forte
#Dancers / Actors: Vicente Forte Sillie, Maritza Sillie, Vicente Forte Magaldi, Carla Forte Sillie
#Camera: Alexey Taran
#Editing: Alexey Taran
#Sound: Alexey Taran
#Music: Omar Roque
#Signature: P14 16
#Webpage of the Artist: www.fortecarla.com

Kid birds for camera

Programme 12.09.14

Eric Minh Cuong Castaing, David Daurier

France 2014, 00:11:23

On school playground Kids dance the piece Beach birds of the Merce Cunningham, famous abstrakt contemporan choreographer.

Little by little, the fantastic transforms the reality. The Kids become on pure particulars abstract.

#Title: Kid birds for camera
#Director: Eric Minh Cuong Castaing, David Daurier
#Country of Production: France
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:11:23
#Choreography: Dylan Crossman Choreography adapted to movie by Eric Minh Cuong Castaing
#Dancers / Actors: Asma Abdelhak, Andréi Calin, Arno Choppin, Nalini-Diewo, Arnaud devautour, Kiera dez-Leroy, Faris Dkaki, Guillaume Foucher, Néréa Frede, Pierre Gautier, Marie Golvano-Dohollo, Zoé Hitier, Sacha Hubeny, Nathalie Kassem, Saragan Krishnaraj, Félix Loyez, Maria Carolina Marques Reis, Gaston Martine-Fata, Ikram Oualla Fakir, Julien Pardo, Maxence Prevoteau du Clary, Valériane Rabehaja, Marwa Saker, Nutthawadee Saranyarat, Juliette Soucasse, Titouan Turpin, Nowlan Udol, Hind Benaichoui, Nasr-Edinne Benaichoui, Alejandro Bravo Ostos, Joana Bravo Ostos, Anu Ujin Dorjpurev Ganchimeg, Reni Ilieva, Ilias Jbari Sefiani, Robi Vasile Mailat, Vasilka Marinova, Ouafa Omrani, Youcef Omrani, Sara Pinel-Bouche, Eduart Qerimi, Milka Yankova, Kesjana Zada
#Camera: David Daurier & Sylvain Séchet
#Editing: David Daurier
#Sound: Naun Bouvier, Alexandre Bouvier
#Music: Naun & Alexandre Bouvier
#Signature: P14 17

Young Angry Men

Programme 12.09.14

John Wannehag

United Kingdom 2014, 00:06:22

Young Angry Men2

When we are lost we seek to find the truth, we turn to science, we turn to god and we turn to places that shares our loneliness. When I was younger I was angry and lost. I was a young angry man living without purpose.

#Title: Young Angry Men
#Director: John Wannehag
#Country of Production: United Kingdom
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:06:22
#Choreography: John Wannehag
#Dancers / Actors: John Wannehag
#Camera: John Wannehag
#Editing: John Wannehag
#Music: Moddi - Rubbles
#Signature: P14 18


Programme 12.09.14

Ludivine Large-Bessette

France 2012, 00:18:08


Low is a work on emotions. It is based on the interaction between the image and the moving body. It uses dancing and plays with the cinematographic codes. Within the embrace, the viewer witnesses a reminder of the disappearance and the absence starting to materialize.

#Title: Low
#Director: Ludivine Large-Bessette
#Country of Production: France
#Year of Production: 2012
#Duration: 00:18:08
#Choreography: Ludivine Large-Bessette, Marie Barbottin, Mathieu Calmelet script
#Dancers / Actors: Marie Barbottin, Mathieu Calmelet
#Camera: Ludivine Large-Bessette
#Editing: Juliette Alexandre
#Sound: Nicolas Martz, Baptiste Marie
#Music: Nicolas Martz
#Signature: P14 19


Programme 12.09.14

Simon Baucks

Germany 2014, 00:04:56

Inmotion from Simon Baucks on Vimeo.

Inmotion is a portrait of the stylistic differences and similarities amongst seven young dancers.

It seeks to explore possibilities that emerge solely from intertwining the creative processes of musicians, dancers and filmmakers.

There is no imperative to understand anything about Inmotion.

#Title: Inmotion
#Director: Simon Baucks
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:04:56
#Dancers / Actors: Safet Mistele, Murat Alkan, Ophelia Young, Lea Benecke, Jonas Onny, Jan Möllmer, Just Berger
#Camera: Daniel Tölke, Adrian Bedoy, Torben Köster
#Editing: Simon Baucks
#Music: Misagh Azimi
#Signature: P14 20


Programme 12.09.14

Amira Ramírez, Nómada

Mexico 2010, 00:06:32

 Bliss, POOL 14 - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN

Three moving elements meet in a space where the path is already traced. Time turns visible as the moving elements create still moments based in coincidence and choice, making points of encounter between the three worlds: objects, body and nature.

#Title: Bliss
#Director: Amira Ramírez, Nómada
#Country of Production: Mexico
#Year of Production: 2010
#Duration: 00:06:32
#Choreography: Amira Ramirez
#Dancers / Actors: Amira Ramírez
#Camera: Nómada
#Editing: Nómada
#Sound: Nómada
#Signature: P14 21

PEARLS 13.09.2014

Replaced Vision

PEARL 13.09.14

Harumi Terayama

Sweden 2013, 00:07:24

 Replaced Vision, POOL 14 - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN

What is sight? Can body take over the function of the sight and vision? Inspired by an episode from Radiolab, two dancers explore sight through their skin, thoughts and sensations.

#Title: Replaced Vision
#Director: Harumi Terayama
#Country of Production: Sweden
#Year of Production: 2013
#Duration: 00:07:24
#Choreography: Harumi Terayama, Tom Weinberger, Rebecca Hytting
#Dancers / Actors: Rebecca Hytting, Tom Weinberger
#Camera: Jubal Battisti
#Editing: Harumi Terayama
#Music: Max Richter, Radiolab
#Signature: PE 14 01

The Thing with Feathers

PEARL 13.09.14

Rain Kencana, Jalaludin Trautmann, Miguel Angelo Pate

Germany 2014, 00:04:00
the lucky ones never die the lucky ones
learn to fly
silenceis sound
and bubbles that burst on the surface of silence
we were fortune tigers
in the veins of lucky land
golden tigers’
track riders
dancers of dawn
and lucky charmwe spin this world
fortune tigers never leave tracks so they won’t hurt each other my intend is sandsand of our pastsand of our future
just you
you make the difference made from secret texture rising high and higher
woven into winds
hope is the thing with feathers

the lucky ones
the lucky ones learn to fly
here you are again bird of birds

such of touch
hope is the thing with feathers

Poem by Jinn Pogy

#Title: The Thing with Feathers
#Director: Rain Kencana, Jalaludin Trautmann, Miguel Angelo Pate
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:04:00
#Choreography: Amigo aka Kadir Memis
#Dancers / Actors: Yui Kawaguchi, Kadir Amigo Memi
#Camera: Jalaludin Trautmann
#Editing: Rain Kencana
#Music: Chriz Falk, Raphael Schalz, Michael Schlücker
#Signature: PE 14 02

Nol King Ruter

PEARL 13.09.14

Noud Heerkens

Netherlands 2012, 00:30:00

 Nol King Ruter, POOL 14 - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN

Nol King Ruter celebrates his 65th birthday with a grand banquet, inviting his closest family, friends and colleagues. Many join in, to give him an unforgettable day. During the festivities, old quarrels flare up, new loves arise, while Nol King Ruter challenges the dancers to battle over his legacy. The old master embodies the motto, dance is live and live is dance, and wants to shine one last time. He shows his younger colleagues how extremely fit he still seems and appears to have no burden of physical discomforts. Nol King Ruter really enjoys performing even though his body objects in the course (of) the feast. As a piéce the rèsistance Nol King Ruter dances a new performance with his daughter. His body suddenly refuses to dance any longer. Nol King Ruter finally has to give up the one thing he loves most.

#Title: Nol King Ruter
#Director: Noud Heerkens
#Country of Production: Netherlands
#Year of Production: 2012
#Duration: 00:30:00
#Choreography: Suzy Blok, Ton Lutgerink
#Dancers / Actors: Ton Lutgerink, Emilie Birraux, Marinke Eijgenraam, Francesca Peniguel, Suet-Wan Tsang, Abdelhadi Baaddi, Tim Boerlijst, Corneliu Ganea, Shahar Loebel, Dries van der Post
#Camera: Niels Boon
#Editing: Nathalie Alonso Casale
#Music: Harry de Wit
#Signature: PE14 03


PEARL 13.09.14

Mads Dinesen, Mali Lazell, Adrian Künzel

Germany 2014, 00:02:53


„Choose Your Battles. Fight The Fight.“

The journey of a warrior. A short Fashionfilm for the A/W 2014 collection „Smoke-clad Warrior“ by Mads Dinesen. Throughout the history of humanity and everywhere on earth, individuals, movements, and groups of people have expressed their ideals and principles by means of protests, marches and demonstrations. Recently, we have witnessed the Arab Spring and the resistance against the oppression of LGBT individuals and organizations in Russia. Clashes occur between governments and people, between different interest groups, or between an individual and a society. The energy that is released in clashes like these serves as the main inspiration for the AW2014 collection “Smoke-Clad Warrior” by MADS DINESEN. How are protest, resistance and ideals expressed through clothing, not only from the point of view of the individual, but also from a societal and cultural point of view? Do we conform our style based on a certain way of living or on a sense of idealism? Or do we express ourselves through slogans on T-shirts and badges? The collection is a tribute to all historical and contemporary pioneers who are risking their honour, freedom and occasionally also their life in order to change the world for the better. Changes, that we as a society now may perceive as being natural or normal, often only occurred after long and heroic fights. To fight for political and societal change, we must go on an introspective journey to be convinced of the idealistic fight ahead. Only by accurately determining our own beliefs, it becomes possible to conquer any injustices we face. But where does an individual encounter his own limits? This emotional, almost spiritual, way to construct a worldview is comparable to an inner journey where each and every one of us becomes our own spiritual leader. We transform into shamans, priests, or holy men, who through knowledge and experience attempt to shape the world to our personal ideals; that is the main theme of this ethnically mystical, yet youthfully provocative collection.

#Director: Mads Dinesen, Mali Lazell, Adrian Künzel
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:02:53
#Choreography: ANIMA‡ , Yuko Kaseki, KADDISH
#Dancers / Actors: Yuko Kaseki, KADDISH
#Camera: Adrian Künzel, Mali Lazell
#Editing: Adrian Künzel
#Sound: Adrian Künzel
#Signature: PE14 04


Glove Story

Special 13.09.14

Oren Shkedy

Israel 2013, 00:38:10

Glove Story explores the notion of personal space and the all-too-often invasion into it. It asks the question: what are the psychological, physical and social repercussions of treating borders as mere suggestions? This question echoes much stronger in the local political climate of our region and of our times. The film follows four characters through a series of hyper-realistic topographies and architectural settings in which, like in Sartre’s “No Exit”, individuals are one another’s heaven or hell.

#Title: Glove Story
#Director: Oren Shkedy
#Country of Production: Israel
#Year of Production: 2013
#Duration: 00:38:10
#Choreography: Dana Ruttenberg
#Dancers / Actors: Adi Boutrous, Ayala Frenkel, Inbar Nemirovsky, Uri Shafir, Ohad Knoller, Riki Blich
#Camera: Ram Shweky
#Editing: Oren Shkedy
#Music: Franz Liszt, The Lost Fingers, Murcof, Pentaphobe, Jeannie Seely, Ayelet Robinson
#Signature: SP14 01


Broadcast 13.09.14


24 hours of international dance films from POOL 14 on ikono.tv!
Starting 13. September at 10pm CET



Elizabeth Markevitch

Founder of ikono.tv



Hiroko Tanahashi

Media Artist



Arnd Wesemann




Wibke Janssen

Founder of POOL & DOCK 11



Sarah Möller

POOL Organisation