Pearl 12.09.15

Helena Jonsdottir, Vera Sölvadottir

Iceland 2014, 00:15:58

GONE is physical cinema. A middle-aged man visits “Gljúfrasteinn” a house in Iceland where the novelist and Nobel Prize writer Halldór Laxness lived with his wife Audur. While the couple is away, a man enters their the house and spends the day there. Who is gone? Is he really there? What if someone spent the day at your house in your absence? Would you ever know?

Picasso once said that we are all born artists; In Gone we can see that we are all born dancers. It’s very clear when we are young children, before we start to speak or even walk, we start to move, we start to dance. ..It is in our nature. In this film the original movements come from the performer, Ingvar. Nobody moves the way he does, this includes for all of us. For him it comes naturally, for all of us. Everybody can dance, everyone should dance everyday. You can dance with your eyes, your fingers or your whole body. As we get older most of us dance less and less. Maybe we are just to busy with other things and there for many just use the body to move the head between meetings. 

#Title: Gone
#Director: Helena Jonsdottir, Vera Sölvadottir
#Country of Production: Iceland
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:15:58
#Choreography: Helena Jonsdottir
#Dancers / Actors: Ingvar E. Sigurdsson
#Camera: Bjarni Felix Bjarnason, Arri Alexa
#Editing: Yves Bertrand
#Sound: Bart Jilesen, Helena Jonsdottir
#Music: Valgeri Sigurdsson
#Signature: PE 15 01
#Webpage of the Artist: www.this.is/helena

Betwixt and Between

Pearl 12.09.15

YunTing Tsai

Taiwan 2012, 00:08:15

Betwixt and Between04

Betwixt and Between represents sometime in life, undecided, and somewhere between two alternatives, neither here nor there. It is close to the anarchic essence of life, neither one thing nor the other. I was in a midway position, in the middle of a period of time. A bit confused, but I was certain of leaving without any possible explanation. The exposed concrete buildings were used as a metaphor. I felt imprisoned inside a rigid and impregnable construction, not only the system but the limitations of life. It is painful to rebel directly against the walls. In order to travel, I leaned out over the iron railings instead, leveraging the power of those restrictions. With the light that this brought, I was less panicked at least, in spite of the fact of being in an uncertain situation; partly virtual, partly real; seemingly virtual and real at the same time that I could not tell. The shadows cast over my travel become the echo of an ongoing journey. 

#Title: Betwixt and Between
#Director: YunTing Tsai
#Country of Production: Taiwan
#Year of Production: 2012
#Duration: 00:08:15
#Choreography: YunTing Tsai
#Editing: YunTing Tsai
#Signature: PE 15 02
#Webpage of the Artist: www.yuntingdancefilm.weebly.com

Epiphany of Returning

Pearl 12.09.15

Richard Shpuntoff, Benedetta Capanna

USA, Argentina 2015, 00:09:31

Solo dance on camera construction portraying the mind-body connection with the aim of embracing the poetry of human fragility and the urgency of its passion. 

#Title: Epiphany of Returning
#Director: Richard Shpuntoff, Benedetta Capanna
#Country of Production: USA, Argentina
#Year of Production: 2015
#Duration: 00:09:31
#Choreography: Benedetta Capanna
#Dancers / Actors: Benedetta Capanna
#Camera: Richard Shpuntoff
#Editing: Richard Shpuntoff
#Signature: PE15 03
#Webpage of the Artist: www.benedettacapanna.it/en/

Die Bühne im Kopf – The stage in my head

Pearl 12.09.15

Sonja Schrader

Germany 2015, 00:14:52

Sequenz 01

In einem Raum, der keine Wände, sondern nur Boden kennt, trifft das idealisierte Selbst auf die Grenzen des physischen Seins.

Die Protagonistin bewegt sich durch einen endlosen Raum und verhandelt tänzerisch-performativ die Diskrepanz von Wollen und Sein. Die vierteilige Choreografie wird durch einen Prolog eingeführt, der die Ansprache des Schöpfers an die Welt enthält, welche aus „Das große Welttheater“ von Calderon de la Barca (1600-1681) entlehnt ist. 

#Title: Die Bühne im Kopf - The stage in my head
#Director: Sonja Schrader
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2015
#Duration: 00:14:52
#Choreography: Sonja Schrader
#Dancers / Actors: Sonja Schrader
#Camera: Ray Peter Maletzki
#Editing: Ginan Seidl
#Sound: Benjamin Voßler
#Signature: PE15 04


Pearl 12.09.15

Natalia Sardi

Belgium 2015, 00:11:17


Partly autobiographical , “ Vecinas“ is a story of two solitudes will approach by the laws of magnetism. 

#Title: Vecinas
#Director: Natalia Sardi
#Country of Production: Belgium
#Year of Production: 2015
#Duration: 00:11:17
#Choreography: Natalia Sardi
#Dancers / Actors: Frauke Mariën, Nora Alberdi
#Camera: Lou Vernin
#Editing: Thomas Turine
#Sound: Thomas Turine
#Signature: PE15 05
#Webpage of the Artist: www.nataliasardi.com