Programme 10.09.15

Roni Chadash

Israel 2014, 00:02:03

After a long period of behaving as an invertebrate animal, not knowing where is my spine in life and why do i need it for, i saw myself giving my whole being to other people and eventually I demolished myself and my healthy ego.

This piece is about how we fit ourselves into society, and let other people criticism affect us, more than it should have. The hands are a metaphor to the outside influence on our souls, a small organ that can affect our movement more than it should, if we let go of our muscles and spine (an image to our ideals and desires). Through the whole piece, the audience can not see my spine, as a symbol for it’s gone. 

#Title: Spineless
#Director: Roni Chadash
#Country of Production: Israel
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:02:03
#Choregraphy: Roni Chadash
#Dancers / Actors: Roni Chadash
#Camera: Roni Chadash
#Editing: Roni Chadash, Daniel Chadash
#Music: Chilly Gonzales
#Signature: P15 01


Programme 10.09.15

Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel, Celine Signoret

France 2015, 00:16:43

Novacieries is inspired by the Mainstream Hardcore movement. A singer and dancers wander in an abandoned steel mill. The dancers respond to the lost beat of machinery by executing Hard Jump and Hakken figures while the singer turns a Hardcore anthem „Hardcore to the bone“ into a lyrical lament. 

#Title: Novaciéries
#Director: Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel, Celine Signoret
#Country of Production: France
#Year of Production: 2015
#Duration: 00:16:43
#Choregraphy: (LA)HORDE
#Dancers / Actors: Nadir Zarougui, Rodolphe Berger, Garance Coquart, Ylva Falk, Loïc Vinciguerra, Théo Michallet, Edgar Scassa, Hugo Hermanvillier, Kevin Martinelli, Valentin Basset,Eve Coquart
#Camera: Kaname Onoyama
#Editing: Edouard Mailaender
#Sound: Baptiste Marie
#Music: Richard Frances, Maxime Daoud, Adrien Daoud
#Signature: P14 02
#Webpage of the Artist: www.collectiflahorde.com


Programme 10.09.15

Adam Sekuler, Shannon Stewart

USA 2015, 00:03:26


An imagined spectacle, rodeo iconography, the feminine body, the equine body, dressage. 

#Title: Pavilion
#Director: Adam Sekuler, Shannon Stewart
#Country of Production: USA
#Year of Production: 2015
#Duration: 00:03:26
#Choregraphy: Shannon Stewart
#Dancers / Actors: Shannon Stewart
#Camera: Adam Sekuler
#Editing: Adam Sekuler
#Signature: P15 03
#Webpage of the Artist: www.maidezfilms.com

you should be dancing!

Programme 10.09.15

Elinor Wyser

Switzerland 2014, 00:01:30

An entertaining and refreshing short-animation, which was made only with pictures out of a contemporary Aerobic workbook. Whilst watching it, you will feel that you really should be dancing. 

#Title: you should be dancing!
#Director: Elinor Wyser
#Country of Production: Switzerland
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:01:30
#Camera: Elinor Wyser
#Editing: Elinor Wyser
#Sound: Elinor Wyser
#Music: Bee Gees
#Signature: P15 04


Programme 10.09.15

Alex Pachón

Spain 2015, 00:06:00


The door is closed. A bunch of keys are on the floor. Someone is sleeping in a wheelchair. And a crack is begginnig to form on the ceiling. 

#Director: Alex Pachón
#Country of Production: Spain
#Year of Production: 2015
#Duration: 00:06:00
#Choregraphy: Joan Catalá, Alex Pachón, Lautaro Reyes
#Dancers / Actors: Joan Catalá
#Camera: Núria Gámiz
#Editing: Alex Pachón
#Sound: Hunab Moreno
#Music: Antonio Antón, Chema Castaño
#Signature: P15 05

S kožou na trh – Risking The Skin on The Market

Programme 10.09.15

Zuzana Sehnalová, Martina Slováková

Slovakia 2015, 00:03:00


SKIN – a barrier protecting the sensitive inside of a human body from the external environment. A contact layer where interaction between the body and the surroundings occurs.
MARKET – a public space, where parties meet in order to effectuate an exchange: successful or unsuccessful; tangible, intangible, monetary and emotional.
Slovak idiom „to go with the skin on the market“ stands for courage to risk. Individual’s intimate unveiling on public while risking uncertain reaction. 

#Title: S kožou na trh - Risking The Skin on The Market
#Director: Zuzana Sehnalová, Martina Slováková
#Country of Production: Slovakia
#Year of Production: 2015
#Duration: 00:03:00
#Choregraphy: Zuzana Sehnalová
#Dancers / Actors: Zuzana Sehnalová, Michal Heriban, Pavol Kovalcík
#Camera: Martina Slováková, Jozef Pajerský
#Editing: Martina Slováková
#Sound: Michal Sekera
#Music: Octopusic
#Signature: P15 06


Programme 10.09.15

Aïda Colmenero Dïaz

Nigeria / Spain 2014, 00:04:29


Inspired by the poem of Fina García Marruz (Cuba) CINE MUDO
„No es que le falte el sonido, es que tiene el silencio“
the sound in silent film is not missing, it has the silent.
The reality in Nigeria is with 24 hours of noise of power generation, for nigerian people this noise is the silent,for people form outside is big and disgusting noise.
also this noise remember us the old film machine.
We wanted to adapt the poem to the african and nigerian reality.
play with the silent, the noise and make a music with that.
we want to create a video poem
Original idea: Aïda Colmenero Dïaz 

#Director: Aïda Colmenero Dïaz
#Country of Production: Nigeria / Spain
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:04:29
#Choregraphy: Aïda Colmenero Dïaz
#Dancers / Actors: Nneka Celina Umeigbo
#Camera: Michael Oga
#Editing: Aïda Colmenero Dïaz
#Sound: Asociacion Yakart
#Music: Asociacion Yakart
#Signature: P15 07
#Webpage of the Artist: www.aidacolmenerodiaz.com

Perron 13 – Platform 13

Programme 10.09.2015

Camiel Zwart

Netherlands 2015, 00:13:44


Platform 13 tells the tragicomic story of a Japanese railway conductor. With his equally strong as graceful movements he keeps the biggest crowds under control. But than he ends up in his biggest nightmare: a strange new world, in which he and his signals prove unnecessary. 

#Title: Perron 13 - Platform 13
#Director: Camiel Zwart
#Country of Production: Netherlands
#Year of Production: 2015
#Duration: 00:13:44
#Choregraphy: Klaus Jürgens
#Dancers / Actors: Shintaro Oue, Angelle Peters, Kenzo Kusuda
#Camera: Martijn Cousijn
#Editing: Joël Hielckert
#Music: Rijndert van Woudenberg
#Signature: P15 08
#Webpage of the Artist: www.blackframe.nl


Programme 10.09.15

Damián Alquichire

Colombia 2015, 00:05:58


El punto de partida es el registro continuo de Alejandra Gissler danzando, una improvisación neta en la que su cuerpo fue el vehículo para transmitir las sensaciones de aquellos minutos.

Los movimientos de Alejandra son estudiados por Damián Alquichire, el cual logra una selección de fragmentos específicos. El procesamiento audiovisual consiste en descomponer aquellos movimientos seleccionados en fotogramas, que luego son dibujados, adquiriendo cada uno un gesto propio, borrándose, dibujándose, fluyendo. Fueron alrededor de 1500 dibujos realizados, y borrados, en 15 pliegos que se involucraron en la realización de este proyecto. Tanto en el dibujo como en el video existe una reflexión por el tránsito material del tiempo, por cualidades plásticas. Esta naturaleza fue interpretada a nivel sonoro por el compositor Santiago Jiménez, tomando estas características de plasticidad y materialidad como base para la realización de la música. Siendo consciente de los cambios de tiempos que existen en el video, Santiago crea una paleta sonora específica, logrando así construir un paisaje sonoro elaborado a partir de un mismo material tímbrico, asemejando la utilización del carbonicllo en el dibujo. El paso del tiempo es el tema central de esta obra, hilado con elementos tales como lo son el vestigio, la huella, la bruma y el hastío.

La obra CARBOGRAMA se empieza a realizar a mediados de 2014 y se concluye a comienzos del 2015 en Bogotá, Colombia. 

#Director: Damián Alquichire
#Country of Production: Colombia
#Year of Production: 2015
#Duration: 00:05:58
#Choregraphy: Alejandra GIssler
#Dancers / Actors: Alejandra GIssler, Damián Alquichire
#Camera: Damián Alquichire
#Editing: Damián Alquichire
#Sound: Santiago Jiménez
#Music: Santiago Jiménez
#Signature: P15 08

Before We Go

Special 10.09.2015

Jorge Leon

Belgium 2014, 01:22:00

Brussels, La Monnaie Opera House. Three people near the end of their lives meet with choreographers, actors and musicians.
They take part in a unique experience which involves music, dance and silence. Their journey becomes a tribute to the fragility
of the human condition, between reality and representation, tragedy of the body and freedom of the spirit. Together they
question their own relationship with death.

#Title: Before We Go
#Director: Jorge Leon
#Country of Production: Belgium
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 01:22:00
#Editing: Marie-Hélène Mora
#Sound: Quentin Jacques
#Music: Liesbeth Devos, Walter Hus, George van Dam,
Alexander Verster
#Signature: SP15 01