Special 05.10.17

Marie-Claude Fournier

Canada, Haiti 2017, 00:11:55

Vivienne Gauthier POOL 17 - INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN

« No regrets », says Vivianne Gauthier sat in her « ginger bread house » where she’s leaving since more than eigthy years. Strong, energetic, disciplined and singular, this dance choreographer and teacher has built a her life on her own way, becoming an emblematic figure of Haitian culture. This movie is a portrait of that lovely woman, through the visit of her iconic Villa in Port-au-Prince.

#Title: In the Heart of Vivianne Gauthier
#Director: Marie-Claude Fournier
#Country of Production: Canada, Haiti
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:11:55
#Dancers / Actors: The Vivianne Gauthier' s dance school students
#Camera: Marco Saint-Juste
#Editing: Véronique Barbe
#Sound: Dominique Frantz, Marc Tawil
#Signature: P17 11


Programme 05.10.17

Gabriela Alcofra, Billy Cowie

UK 2014, 00:03:00

In 1930ies Rio de Janeiro the young Gabriela realises she has the ability to stop time.

#Title: Tango Brazil
#Director: Gabriela Alcofra, Billy Cowie
#Country of Production: UK
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:03:00
#Choregraphy: Billy Cowie, Gabriela Alcofra
#Dancers / Actors: Gabriel Alcofra
#Camera: Billy Cowie
#Editing: Billy Cowie, Gabriela Alcofra
#Sound: Billy Cowie
#Music: Billy Cowie
#Signature: P17 10


Programme 05.10.17

Gus&Lo / GN|MC Guy Nader, Maria Campos

Spain 2015, 00:08:24

TIME TAKES THE TIME TIME TAKES is a physical dynamic conversation through movement repetitions and pendulum leitmotiv that embodies mechanisms measuring time and space. A journey of dangling movements that burst into different encounters evolving towards a perpetual mobile. An ongoing wheel that suggests time as a continuum.

#Director: Gus&Lo / GN|MC Guy Nader, Maria Campos
#Country of Production: Spain
#Year of Production: 2015
#Duration: 00:08:24
#Choregraphy: GN|MC Guy Nader, Maria Campos
#Dancers / Actors: Guy Nader, Maria Campos, Roser Tutusaus, Magí Serra, Thais Hvid
#Camera: Gustavo López Mañas
#Editing: Gustavo López Mañas
#Music: Miguel Marín
#Signature: P17 09


Programme 05.10.17

Paolo Ermanno Vecchione

Italy 2017, 00:02:30

Housecage, POOL 17 - INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN


HOUSECAGE is dedicated to all the inmates who are allowed to practise dance in their rehabilitation program in Cebu, Philippines.

#Director: Paolo Ermanno Vecchione
#Country of Production: Italy
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:02:30
#Choregraphy: Paolo Ermanno Vecchione
#Dancers / Actors: Michele Barile
#Camera: Paolo Ermanno Vecchione
#Editing: Paolo Ermanno Vecchione
#Music: Ludovico Einaudi
#Signature: P17 08


Programme 05.10.17

Sergio Gridelli, Zoë Demoustier

Netherlands 2016, 00:01:00

A short reflection about flee and looking for a safe place. About the one’s that did not make it.

#Title: The Boat
#Director: Sergio Gridelli, Zoë Demoustier
#Country of Production: Netherlands
#Year of Production: 2016
#Duration: 00:01:00
#Choregraphy: Zoë Demoustier
#Dancers / Actors: Performers from The Amsterdam University for the Art
#Camera: Sergio Gridelli
#Editing: Sergio Gridelli
#Music: Yrrow
#Signature: P17 07


Programme 05.10.17

Simone Wierød

Denmark 2017, 00:04:18


a dance film created from a questioning of our aim for the perfect, the alike and the synchronous SOLUS is an experiment about perfection. It is an experiment rooted in the striving for the synchronous and the aim for being alike or to live up to certain standards that we experience in the world of today in terms of physical appearance, social status, career and personal life.
All roles are performed by the same dancer, which serves as an experiment on synchronicity and being alike as well as it serves as a subtle, poetic and symbolic comment on our time.
SOLUS is the latest in a series of artistic comments on society by Danish choreographer Simone Wierød, who uses her choreographic practice as a tool to understand and debate the present time.
With this film we wish to address a debate on the aims and ideals of modern society with an experiment that takes current tendencies to the extreme, with a poetic, physical and choreographic approach.

#Title: SOLUS
#Director: Simone Wierød
#Country of Production: Denmark
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:04:18
#Choregraphy: Simone Wierød
#Dancers / Actors: Anna Stamp Møller
#Camera: Tim Panduro
#Editing: Tim Panduro
#Sound: Troels Damgaard
#Music: Tim Panduro
#Signature: P17 06


Programme 05.10.17

Anastasia Diga

Greece 2016, 00:03:16

The Rosetta Mission POOL 17

The corner of the room remains microscopic moving as much as human construction is directed to the beginning of the birth of everything. Rosette crosses for 12 years the eternal loneliness of the universe to end up to the errant comet… 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.There will be a crash there as the human body is retracted and expanded emitting gravitational waves in other words space whispers of a solitary orbit as solitary is almost always the route to an uncharted body.

#Title: The rosetta mission vol. 1
#Director: Anastasia Diga
#Country of Production: Greece
#Year of Production: 2016
#Duration: 00:03:16
#Choregraphy: Anastasia Diga
#Dancers / Actors: Anastasia Diga, Vassia Paspali
#Camera: Vasilis Paspalis
#Editing: Anastasia Diga
#Music: Andreas Lemis
#Signature: P17 05


Programme 05.10.17

Sofoklis Kiourtzoglou

Greece 2017, 00:01:07

Silence is everywhere…

#Title: Silence
#Director: Sofoklis Kiourtzoglou
#Country of Production: Greece
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:01:07
#Choregraphy: Maria Moschou
#Dancers / Actors: Maria Moschou
#Camera: Sofoklis Kiourtzoglou
#Editing: Sofoklis Kiourtzoglou
#Signature: P17 03


Pearl 05.10.17

Maja Mirek

Poland 2016, 00:04:31

Unspoken, POOL 17 - INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN

There is a place in the throat, where all unspoken sentences sink. How long have You been able to keep silent when You see situations You do not agree with? How many times have You been in this certain situatiion? What makes you cover the facts? Where is the border?
UNSPOKEN is the result of process of observation by analyzing the behavior and reactions to the things, which we disagree with.
In polish language we have sentence „nabra? wody w usta“ („take water in mouth“), which means „to remain tight-lipped“. Those unspoken words are no loger words. They accumulate at the height of the cervical vertebral and go deep into the sixth throatic. Terminally stuck there. They overwhelm, distort, creating the illusory reality that makes us comfortable together.

#Title: Unspoken
#Director: Maja Mirek
#Country of Production: Poland
#Year of Production: 2016
#Duration: 00:04:31
#Choregraphy: Patryk Jarczok
#Dancers / Actors: Patryk Jarczok
#Camera: Maja Mirek
#Editing: Maja Mirek
#Signature: P17 02


Programme 05.10.17

Rain Kencana

Germany 2017, 00:05:40

A dance couple transforms an industrial powerplant into a dreamscape of nostalgic remembrance that mixes up different layers of time and relation.

#Title: Send me a bigger Butterfly
#Director: Rain Kencana
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:05:40
#Choregraphy: Louis "LOUEASE" Becker, Christine Joy Alpuerto
#Dancers / Actors: Louis "LOUEASE" Becker, Christine Joy Alpuerto
#Camera: Kolja Brandt
#Editing: Rain Kencana
#Music: Ketan Bhatti
#Signature: P17 01