Programme 13.09.2018

Aliki Chiotaki

Greece 2017, 00:01:17

cipher POOL 18

A woman performs a series of movement / exercises before entering the infinite blue. Cipher is a pitch of a longer Dance for Camera project that aims to explore choreographically the inability or insufficiency of a group of people to maintain unity and integrity while performing a task thus, to lose the initial common code. Cipher also underlines the absence of setting goals, measuring progress and gain perspectives by being alert.

#Title: Cipher
#Director: Aliki Chiotaki
#Country of Production: Greece
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:01:17
#Choreography: Xenia Kyriakopoulou
#Dancers / Actors: Katerina Psaroudaki
#Camera: Aliki Chiotaki
#Editing: Aliki Chiotaki
#Sound: Dimitris Barnias
#Music: Dimitris Barnias
#Webpage of the Artist:


Programme 13.09.2018

Aïda Colmenero Dïaz

Yakart 2017, 00:03:42

ABISMO, Aida Colmenero Dïaz, POOL 18

What are the body’s mechanisms against wounds? This work is inspired by the poem by Iosune de Goñi (Basque Country).

#Title: ABISMO
#Director: Aïda Colmenero Dïaz
#Country of Production: Yakart
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:03:42
#Choreography: Aïda Colmenero Dïaz, She Estelle Foli
#Dancers / Actors: She Estelle Foli
#Camera: Aïda Colmenero Dïaz
#Music: Kai Engel: "Seeker"
#Webpage of the Artist:

The Magma Chamber

Programme 13.09.2018

Shantala Pèpe

Belgium, France 2018, 00:19:00
 Magma Chamber 03
Behind closed doors, a woman with no face embodies a serie of threatening sound figures as she becomes the playground and the battlefield of feminine entities. Is she a witch ? A spider-
woman, a goddess, a she-wolf or a carnivorous plant ? And will they triumph over the woman they colonised ? The Magma Chamber is a discourse without words, a cry without voice, that tells us the violences and the ambivalences contained in the archetypes structuring female identity.

#Title: The Magma Chamber
#Director: Shantala Pèpe
#Coproduction: Stéla - DesArts // DesCinés
#Country of Production: Belgium, France
#Year of Production: 2018
#Duration: 00:19:00
#Choreography: Shantala Pèpe
#Dancers / Actors: Shantala Pèpe
#Camera: Antonin de Bemels
#Editing: Antonin de Bemels, Shantala Pèpe
#Coproduction: Stéla - DesArts // DesCinés
#Sound: Antonin de Bemels
#Music: Antonin de Bemels
#Webpage of the Artist:

( a short video guide to get over it)

Programme 13.09.2018

Paolo Ermanno Vecchione

Italy 2018, 00:02:31

How to survive a breakup, Paolo Vecchione, POOL 18

If your heart is broken and you can’t see the light, just follow these rules and start living again.

#Title: HOW TO SURVIVE A BREAK UP ( a short video guide to get over it)
#Director: Paolo Ermanno Vecchione
#Country of Production: Italy
#Year of Production: 2018
#Duration: 00:02:31
#Choreography: Paolo Ermanno Vecchione
#Editing: Nico Vecchione
#Music: "freedom" DJANGO

amateur poetry

Programme 14.09.2018

Fran Orallo

United Kingdom 2017, 00:10:00

amateur poetry (

Amateur poetry consists of a video collage made through the appropriation of a series of fragments of videos downloaded from YouTube, which, assembled, form a succession of surrealist sequences, close to visual poetry.

The work involves the manipulation of a series of videos, which without any artistic intention, have been uploaded to the network. Through the decontextualization, overlapping, and distortion of the same is intended to create an artistic work, questioning the idea of authorship and intellectual property.

We live invaded by images, every day hundreds of videos are produced, that without artistic criteria, flood the network with individual visions of reality. With my work I intend to recycle these images and grant them a certain aesthetic criterion, manipulating them and generating a new meaning.

#Title: amateur poetry
#Director: Fran Orallo
#Country of Production: United Kingdom
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:10:00
#Camera: Fran Orallo
#Editing: Fran Orallo



Philip Szporer, Marlene Millar

Canada 2017, 00:13:45

BHAIRAVA, Philip Szporer, Marlene Millar, POOL 18

Bhairava evokes facets of Shiva, the Lord of Dance, as both the destructor of evil and the guardian of time. He is fierce and drives terrible deeds, but his intention springs from pure compassion. In this work, carried by a strong and deeply evocative musical score and by the singular energy of the ancient site of Hampi, dancer and choreographer Shantala Shivalingappa embodies the presence and distinctive qualities of Bhairava. With her technical mastery and refined expressivity, she alternates between moments of precise symbolic gestures and more abstract body language surging from the powerful and omnipresent persona of Bhairava, creating a vivid incarnation of the deity.

#Title: Bhairava
#Director: Philip Szporer, Marlene Millar
#Country of Production: Canada
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:13:45
#Choreography: Shantala Shivalingappa
#Dancers / Actors: Shantala Shivalingappa, Ramesh Jetty, B.P.Haribabu, N.Ramakrishnan, Jayaram Kikkeri Suryanarayana
#Camera: Kes Tagney
#Editing: Marlene Millar
#Sound: Dino Giancola
#Music: Ramesh Jetty

Home, Heimat

Programme 13.09.2018

Miloushka Bokma

Netherlands 2018, 00:07:50


Thuis, Home, Heimat is a combination of photo works and a video. The guiding principle of these works is the endless stream of photos of refugees that I see on a daily basis. Situations that touch me, a certain posture or face expression form images in my head that I put on scene on location.

I have consciously chosen to work with Western people. By letting Western people figure in my work, I want to bring the refugee problem closer. This is not something that is far away and therefore does not concern us. This can happen to us all.

Being displaced, losing and how you deal with this is a recurring theme in my work. I am interested in the common of emotions. Everywhere people experience happiness, love, regret, longing, hope, frustration or fear. By looking at the photo’s and the video work, I want to share the audience with these feelings. That many experiences are universal, even if you experience them alone, is a comforting thought.

The video symbolically shows an endless stream of people and how they struggle with their feelings of impotence and displacement.

Watch the full film on Vimeo:

#Title: Home, Heimat
#Director: Miloushka Bokma
#Country of Production: Netherlands
#Year of Production: 2018
#Duration: 00:07:50
#Choreography: Miloushka Bokma
#Dancers / Actors: Lien Baelde, Geert Dekkers, Benjamin Gijzel, Mari-Carmen de Haan, Mireia Izquierdo, Jet Kragt, Jildou Kroes, Meli Kuhn, Laurenz Kuhn, Marc Staljanssens
#Camera: Theresa Kuhn
#Editing: Remi Lindenhovius
#Sound: Rutger Zuydervelt
#Webpage of the Artist:

Competing for Sunlight: Ash


Dagmar Dachauer

Austria 2018, 00:04:40

Ash Tree, Dagmar Dachauer, POOL 18

A melancholy ode to an endangered species set to music by Tom Waits.

‘The death of a species, especially a species as significant as the ash, punches a hole not only in nature, but also in our culture.’ – George Monbiot

Starting in the early nineties in Eastern Europe, an Asian fungus has gradually conquered the European continent, infecting almost all ash trees. The symptoms are very severe, many cases leading to the death of most trees. As aresult, it is assumed that the ash tree in Europe will soon be close to extinct.
Choreographer and dancer Dagmar Dachauer was inspired by the sad faith of the European ash tree, and linked it to personal loss in her own life.
Finis est cinis: Ash is what remains.
Ash is a eulogy for the ash tree and for Prasthan Dachauer, who passed away in 2016.

#Title: Competing for Sunlight: Ash
#Director: Dagmar Dachauer
#Country of Production: Austria
#Year of Production: 2018
#Duration: 00:04:40
#Choreography: Dagmar Dachauer
#Dancers / Actors: Dagmar Dachauer, Knut Vikström Precht
#Camera: Kilian Immervoll
#Editing: Kilian Immervoll
#Sound: Kilian Immervoll
#Music: Tom Waits: "Green Grass"
#Signature: Dagmar Dachauer
#Webpage of the Artist: