Programme 14.09.2018

Daniel Burkhardt

Germany 2006, 00:02:42

wellen, Daniel Burkhardt, POOL 18

Das Ausgangsmaterial zu wellen zeigt ein Paar als scharf gezeichnete Silhouette vor der Kulisse eines idyllischen Strandes. Schlagartig verändert sich die Atmosphäre, als eine Welle droht, die vom Boden aus filmende Kamera zu überfluten. Die monotonen Wellenbewegungen des Meeres im Hintergrund stehen im Kontrast zur linearen, narrativen Bewegung der beiden Personen. Im Schnitt wird das Auf und Ab des Meeres wiederholt: Ausgehend vom zeitlichen Mittelpunkt der Szenerie, dem Brechen der Welle,
läuft das Bildmaterial immer weiter vor und zurück. Voranschreitendes und Nachfolgendes werden sukzessive sichtbar. Im Kontext des Davor und Danach verändern sich Atmosphäre und Bedeutung des Ausgangsmomentes.

Watch the full film here: http://www.danielburkhardt.de/de/wellen/

#Title: wellen
#Director: Daniel Burkhardt
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2006
#Duration: 00:02:42
#Dancers / Actors: Tessa Knapp, Daniel Burkhardt
#Editing: Daniel Burkhardt
#Sound: Daniel Burkhardt
#Webpage of the Artist: http://www.danielburkhardt.de/

I could have…

Programme 14.09.2018

Anna Galinova

Russian Federation 2017, 00:04:33

Photo 1 1_copy_1

A young man is agonizingly trying not to lose his loved one or is he?

#Title: I could have...
#Director: Anna Galinova
#Country of Production: Russian Federation
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:04:33
#Dancers / Actors: Alexey Takharov, Evgeniya Mandzhieva
#Camera: Alexandr Okovitski
#Editing: Alexandr Okovitski
#Music: Cigarettes After Sex: "Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby"

Ghost Story

Programme 14.09.2018

Sarah Elgart

United States 2016, 00:07:33
Ghost Story follows four dancers in search of a narrative as they prowl the interiors and exteriors of Bjarke Ingels’ DAM Award winning “court scraper” VIA 57 West in NYC, responding to the building’s architecture and scale with movement. The film blends contemporary and street dance forms with the fashion of legendary designer Issey Miyake, and both are seen in context with the lines of the building and Artist Stephen Glassman’s “Flows Two Ways”, the  8-story sculpture forming VIA 57 West’s entryway.

#Title: Ghost Story
#Director: Sarah Elgart
#Production: Stephen Glassman & Aaron Slavin
#Country of Production: United States
#Year of Production: 2016
#Duration: 00:07:33
#Choreography: Sarah Elgart & the Dancers
#Dancers / Actors: Chelsea Bonosky, Albert Esquilin Jr (aka "The Ghost of NY"), Charissa Kroeger, Storyboard P
#Camera: Victoria Sendra
#Editing: Steve Pyne, Sarah Elgart
#Sound: Steve Pyne
#Music: Chapellier Fou

Le Faune

Programme 14.09.2018

Joseph Simon

Netherlands 2017/ 2018, Le Faune is a Dansateliers Rotterdam production, 09:37:00

ViviDreamy, Joseph Simon, POOL 18

Le Faune is a fantasy-world on film, based on the ballet L’après-midi d’un Faune by Vaslav Nijinsky. In this ballet, that was produced in 1912, Nijinsky took a new direction and broke with the usual, flowy dance-code in ballet. His original style, rectangular and with slightly sexually tinted movements caused a commotion amongst the audience and press. In his film Le Faune, just like Nijinsky, Joseph Simon incorporates foreign influences to the code of ballet to come to new kinds of expression. With this he creates an enchanting dance-film about voyeurism, intimacy and sexuality.

#Title: Le Faune
#Director: Joseph Simon
#Country of Production: Netherlands
#Year of Production: 2017/ 2018, Le Faune is a Dansateliers Rotterdam production
#Duration: 09:37:00
#Choreography: Joseph Simon
#Dancers / Actors: Daniel Barkan, Madelyn Bullard, Viviana Fabiano, Lucia Fernandez-Santoro
#Camera: Young-Jean Maeng
#Editing: Fanny Hagmeier, Joseph Simon
#Sound: Jimmi Jo Huetting
#Music: Jimmi Jo Huetting


Programme 14.09.2018

Caravan Prod Genève, Jasmine Morand

Switzerland 2016, 00:01:47.000

Based on excerpts of the choreographic installation for twelve dancers, the film was made during rehearsals, allowing us to place the camera on stage. The live performance is visible through a large mirror placed eight meters above the stage, a fixed camera has been positioned on the floor, filming directly into the mirror. The kinesthetic and visual experiences that the live performance offers to the audience, lying on a ground and watching at the mirror, could be define as a « hypnotic drive » with « geometric omnipresence ». These two aspects were the keywords for the conception of the short film and were enhanced through postproduction work. Two final trailers were made, the first working only on the modulation of time and sound effects, the second, presented here, adding layers on top to create a multiplication of the bodies and patterns.

The film was in collaboration with Screenprod Switzerland and Caravan Prod Geneva.

#Title: Mire
#Director: Caravan Prod Genève, Jasmine Morand
#Country of Production: Switzerland
#Year of Production: 2016
#Duration: 00:01:47.000
#Choreography: Jasmine Morand
#Dancers / Actors: Céline Fellay, Claire Dessimoz, Élodie Aubonney, Jasmine Morand, Luisa Schöfer, Valentine Paley, Fabio Bergamaschi, Marco Volta, Mickaël Henrotay Delaunay, Ismaël Oiartzabal, Krassen Krastev et Philippe Chosson
#Camera: Caravan Prod Genève
#Editing: Patrick Conus - Screenprod
#Music: Enrique Gonzales Müller, Jasmine Morand and Patrick Conus
#Signature: Jasmine Morand


Programme 14.09.2018

Emmanuel Tussore

France 2017, 00:10:52

Faced with the immensity of the sea, a human chain silently proceeds.

#Title: Sirens
#Director: Emmanuel Tussore
#Production: Célia Peragallo (Jukka Studios)
#Country of Production: France
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:10:52
#Choreography: Emmanuel Tussore
#Dancers / Actors: Sunu Street Dance company, Sene Africa Dance Company, Compagnie Azart
#Camera: Emmanuel Tussore
#Sound: Manuel Vidal
#Webpage of the Artist:


Programme 14.09.2018

Vicent Dupont

France 2018, 00:10:15


Vincent Dupont explores the choreographic act in his relation to space, breath, and air, a servant of the image as a medium of movement, rhythm and frame. An immersion in a relationship with time that opens new perceptions about the body at stake.

These facial expressions are intentionally slowed down, features composing and decomposing to the sounds made by mouths forming and contorting in an evolving frame. A shot with three dancers in a room next reunites these faces to bodies, the bodies to other bodies, these presences to a space.

#Title: DDD
#Director: Vicent Dupont
#Country of Production: France
#Year of Production: 2018
#Duration: 00:10:15
#Dancers / Actors: Olivia Grandville, Emilie Labédan, Charlène Sorin
#Camera: Vincent Bosc
#Editing: Vincent Dupont
#Sound: Maxime Fabre
#Signature: Vincent Dupont