Programme 06.10.17

Sascha Engel

Israel 2017, 00:04:09


Bikurei Itim Center in Tel Aviv
has been a home for us dancers for many years.
Very quick, in silence, without a proper good bye
they took this place from us
So Kino Kitchen decided to dedicate one last dance to Bikurei Itim
R.I.P. Biku…this one’s for you
Special thanx to Doron Levene & Glikson – Camera Rental Israel for providing us the gear.

#Title: RUIN
#Director: Sascha Engel
#Country of Production: Israel
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:04:09
#Camera: Sascha Engel
#Editing: Sascha Engel
#Signature: P17 18