Programme 14.09.2018

Emmanuel Tussore

France 2017, 00:10:52

Faced with the immensity of the sea, a human chain silently proceeds. Guided by their instinct, these anonymous beings launch forth to a mysterious fate as if drawn by an irresistible song. Nothing breaks their momentum but an occasional misstep, a crash against the power of the elements or the rush of the waves. And one by one, these faceless bodies disappear in an ever going flow.

#Title: Sirens
#Director: Emmanuel Tussore
#Production: Célia Peragallo (Jukka Studios)
#Country of Production: France
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:10:52
#Choregraphy: Emmanuel Tussore
#Dancers / Actors: Sunu Street Dance company, Sene Africa Dance Company, Compagnie Azart
#Camera: Emmanuel Tussore
#Sound: Manuel Vidal