Programme 05.10.17

Simone Wierød

Denmark 2017, 00:04:18


a dance film created from a questioning of our aim for the perfect, the alike and the synchronous SOLUS is an experiment about perfection. It is an experiment rooted in the striving for the synchronous and the aim for being alike or to live up to certain standards that we experience in the world of today in terms of physical appearance, social status, career and personal life.
All roles are performed by the same dancer, which serves as an experiment on synchronicity and being alike as well as it serves as a subtle, poetic and symbolic comment on our time.
SOLUS is the latest in a series of artistic comments on society by Danish choreographer Simone Wierød, who uses her choreographic practice as a tool to understand and debate the present time.
With this film we wish to address a debate on the aims and ideals of modern society with an experiment that takes current tendencies to the extreme, with a poetic, physical and choreographic approach.

#Title: SOLUS
#Director: Simone Wierød
#Country of Production: Denmark
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:04:18
#Choreography: Simone Wierød
#Dancers / Actors: Anna Stamp Møller
#Camera: Tim Panduro
#Editing: Tim Panduro
#Sound: Troels Damgaard
#Music: Tim Panduro
#Signature: P17 06