STAND 4.18

Programme 11.09.14

Sascha Engel

Netherlands 2004, 00:12:45

Stand 4.18, POOL - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN

We’re writing the year 2033, the political system has changed under the global power of the United States. The government is using a new malicious control-mechanism, to block people’s freewill and autonomy.
This majority of the population is called “Rhythm Slaves”. But there are some individuals left, who refuse to be absorbed by the system. They are practicing a religion called “COMO” (Conscious Movement). In order to refill the big city with positive, universal energy, the so-called “Comoshas” are executing dance rituals on public places, mostly in the night, when the slaves are sleeping & the speakers are silent.

#Title: STAND 4.18
#Director: Sascha Engel
#Country of Production: Netherlands
#Year of Production: 2004
#Duration: 00:12:45
#Dancers / Actors: Mirko Hecktor, John Taylor
#Camera: Ruzbeh Babol
#Editing: Sascha Engel
#Sound: Florian Magnus Maier
#Music: Florian Magnus Maier, Remco de Jong
#Signature: P14 11