TABLEAUX, Paysages premiers

Pearl 07.10.17

Maïté Jeannolin, Charlotte Marchal

Belgium 2016, 00:12:21

Inspired by a mystical ceremony, this movie mainly shot in Morocco is a contemporary reappropriation of a rite of passage, a symbolical journey through the colors of a trance night. If the body is a vehicle that moves, it’s to move its environment, to embody the landscape.

#Title: TABLEAUX, Paysages premiers
#Director: Maïté Jeannolin, Charlotte Marchal
#Country of Production: Belgium
#Year of Production: 2016
#Duration: 00:12:21
#Choreography: Maïté Jeannolin
#Dancers / Actors: Maïté Jeannolin, Trân Trân, Mélissa Valette, Dominique Hoeltschi, Silvia Groaz, Valentin Augsbuger, Romain Konde
#Camera: Charlotte Marchal
#Editing: Maïté Jeannolin, Charlotte Marchal
#Sound: Olivier Touche
#Webpage of the Artist: