Programme 09.09.16

Sašo Podgoršek

Slovenia 2014, 00:28:47


The workers’ and mining facilities, characterising and changing the Slovenian mining town of Trbovlje for almost two centuries, which have already been captured on camera in the previous films shot by EN-KNAP, have to face uncertain future and the possibility of impending demolition. In this homage by the author Iztok Kova? to his birth town, the international dance company EnKnapGroup confronts the mining facilities for the last time, before they disappear from the collective consciousness forever. The parting is decent: for the last time the members of the group fill these places with vitality and life as they experience it themselves.

#Title: Vašhava
#Director: Sašo Podgoršek
#Country of Production: Slovenia
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:28:47
#Choreography: Iztok Kovač
#Dancers / Actors: created and performed by EnKnapGroup: Luke Thomas Dunne, Ida Katarina Hellsten, Bence Mezei, Ana Štefanec, Tamás Tuza, with guests Gyula Cserepes, Barbara Kanc, Katja Legin, Lada Petrovski Ternovšek, Ravi Ternovšek
#Camera: Sven Pepeonik
#Editing: Sašo Podgoršek
#Sound: Charo Calvo
#Music: Charo Calvo & Miquel Casaponsa
#Signature: P16 19