Where do you want to go?

Programme 11.09.14

Alessandro Inglima

South Korea, UK, Italy 2014, 00:11:25

Where do we want to go? POOL 14 - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN

„Where Do You Want To Go?“ explores the feelings of people in their environment. The four dancers have different ways to observe and understand the city (Seoul). The camera delivers their point of view to the audience. This project originates from site-specific choreographies and street improvisation performances in Seoul.

#Title: Where do you want to go?
#Director: Alessandro Inglima
#Country of Production: South Korea, UK, Italy
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:11:25
#Dancers / Actors: Nauen Park, Jiin Gook, Hye Ryun Yong, Kang Hyen Lee
#Camera: Alessandro Inglima
#Editing: Alessandro Inglima
#Music: Alessandro Inglima
#Signature: P14 06
#Webpage of the Artist: www.alessandroinglima.com