Competing for Sunlight: Ash


Dagmar Dachauer

Austria 2018, 00:04:40

Ash Tree, Dagmar Dachauer, POOL 18

A melancholy ode to an endangered species set to music by Tom Waits.

‘The death of a species, especially a species as significant as the ash, punches a hole not only in nature, but also in our culture.’ – George Monbiot

Starting in the early nineties in Eastern Europe, an Asian fungus has gradually conquered the European continent, infecting almost all ash trees. The symptoms are very severe, many cases leading to the death of most trees. As aresult, it is assumed that the ash tree in Europe will soon be close to extinct.
Choreographer and dancer Dagmar Dachauer was inspired by the sad faith of the European ash tree, and linked it to personal loss in her own life.
Finis est cinis: Ash is what remains.
Ash is a eulogy for the ash tree and for Prasthan Dachauer, who passed away in 2016.

#Title: Competing for Sunlight: Ash
#Director: Dagmar Dachauer
#Country of Production: Austria
#Year of Production: 2018
#Duration: 00:04:40
#Choreography: Dagmar Dachauer
#Dancers / Actors: Dagmar Dachauer, Knut Vikström Precht
#Camera: Kilian Immervoll
#Editing: Kilian Immervoll
#Sound: Kilian Immervoll
#Music: Tom Waits: "Green Grass"
#Signature: Dagmar Dachauer
#Webpage of the Artist: