Documenting Cxema

Programme 06.09.2019

Yarema Malashchuk, Roman Himey

Ukraine 2019, 00:09:00


Yarema and Roman documented Cxema, the biggest rave in Ukraine, born after the revolution in 2013-2014. The party offeredthe new generation a chance to reclaim the city, to explore it and to express themselves. The film was shot at Dovzhenko FilmStudios on 21 April 2018.
With a very careful and discrete camera presence so as not to disturb the experience, we slowlysynchronize with filmed ravers and the music of Stanislav Tolkachov. By watching dancing individuals and crowds, we embodythe dance of Cxema and exit through the smoke. The filmmakers provide us with an intimate experience of daytime outside ofthe party, following wandering youth.

#Director: Yarema Malashchuk, Roman Himey
#Country of Production: Ukraine
#Year of Production: 2019
#Duration: 00:09:00
#Camera: Yarema Malashchuk, Roman Himey
#Editing: Yarema Malashchuk, Roman Himey
#Sound: Stanislav Tolkachev
#Music: Stanislav Tolkachev