Shiran Eliaserov

Germany 2016, 00:05:24

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Programme 13.09.2018

Aliki Chiotaki

Greece 2017, 00:01:17

cipher POOL 18

A woman performs a series of movement / exercises before entering the infinite blue. Cipher is a pitch of a longer Dance for Camera project that aims to explore choreographically the inability or insufficiency of a group of people to maintain unity and integrity while performing a task thus, to lose the initial common code. Cipher also underlines the absence of setting goals, measuring progress and gain perspectives by being alert.

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Programme 13.09.2018

Aïda Colmenero Dïaz

Yakart 2017, 00:03:42

ABISMO, Aida Colmenero Dïaz, POOL 18

What are the body’s mechanisms against wounds? This work is inspired by the poem by Iosune de Goñi (Basque Country).

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The Magma Chamber

Programme 13.09.2018

Shantala Pèpe

Belgium, France 2018, 00:19:00
 Magma Chamber 03
Behind closed doors, a woman with no face embodies a serie of threatening sound figures as she becomes the playground and the battlefield of feminine entities. Is she a witch ? A spider-
woman, a goddess, a she-wolf or a carnivorous plant ? And will they triumph over the woman they colonised ? The Magma Chamber is a discourse without words, a cry without voice, that tells us the violences and the ambivalences contained in the archetypes structuring female identity.
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( a short video guide to get over it)

Programme 13.09.2018

Paolo Ermanno Vecchione

Italy 2018, 00:02:31

How to survive a breakup, Paolo Vecchione, POOL 18

If your heart is broken and you can’t see the light, just follow these rules and start living again.

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amateur poetry

Programme 14.09.2018

Fran Orallo

United Kingdom 2017, 00:10:00

amateur poetry (

Amateur poetry consists of a video collage made through the appropriation of a series of fragments of videos downloaded from YouTube, which, assembled, form a succession of surrealist sequences, close to visual poetry.

The work involves the manipulation of a series of videos, which without any artistic intention, have been uploaded to the network. Through the decontextualization, overlapping, and distortion of the same is intended to create an artistic work, questioning the idea of authorship and intellectual property.

We live invaded by images, every day hundreds of videos are produced, that without artistic criteria, flood the network with individual visions of reality. With my work I intend to recycle these images and grant them a certain aesthetic criterion, manipulating them and generating a new meaning.

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Philip Szporer, Marlene Millar

Canada 2017, 00:13:45

BHAIRAVA, Philip Szporer, Marlene Millar, POOL 18

Bhairava evokes facets of Shiva, the Lord of Dance, as both the destructor of evil and the guardian of time. He is fierce and drives terrible deeds, but his intention springs from pure compassion. In this work, carried by a strong and deeply evocative musical score and by the singular energy of the ancient site of Hampi, dancer and choreographer Shantala Shivalingappa embodies the presence and distinctive qualities of Bhairava. With her technical mastery and refined expressivity, she alternates between moments of precise symbolic gestures and more abstract body language surging from the powerful and omnipresent persona of Bhairava, creating a vivid incarnation of the deity.

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Home, Heimat

Programme 13.09.2018

Miloushka Bokma

Netherlands 2018, 00:07:50


Thuis, Home, Heimat is a combination of photo works and a video. The guiding principle of these works is the endless stream of photos of refugees that I see on a daily basis. Situations that touch me, a certain posture or face expression form images in my head that I put on scene on location.

I have consciously chosen to work with Western people. By letting Western people figure in my work, I want to bring the refugee problem closer. This is not something that is far away and therefore does not concern us. This can happen to us all.

Being displaced, losing and how you deal with this is a recurring theme in my work. I am interested in the common of emotions. Everywhere people experience happiness, love, regret, longing, hope, frustration or fear. By looking at the photo’s and the video work, I want to share the audience with these feelings. That many experiences are universal, even if you experience them alone, is a comforting thought.

The video symbolically shows an endless stream of people and how they struggle with their feelings of impotence and displacement.

Watch the full film on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/253951762

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Competing for Sunlight: Ash


Dagmar Dachauer

Austria 2018, 00:04:40

Ash Tree, Dagmar Dachauer, POOL 18

A melancholy ode to an endangered species set to music by Tom Waits.

‘The death of a species, especially a species as significant as the ash, punches a hole not only in nature, but also in our culture.’ – George Monbiot

Starting in the early nineties in Eastern Europe, an Asian fungus has gradually conquered the European continent, infecting almost all ash trees. The symptoms are very severe, many cases leading to the death of most trees. As aresult, it is assumed that the ash tree in Europe will soon be close to extinct.
Choreographer and dancer Dagmar Dachauer was inspired by the sad faith of the European ash tree, and linked it to personal loss in her own life.
Finis est cinis: Ash is what remains.
Ash is a eulogy for the ash tree and for Prasthan Dachauer, who passed away in 2016.

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Programme 14.09.2018

Daniel Burkhardt

Germany 2006, 00:02:42

wellen, Daniel Burkhardt, POOL 18

Das Ausgangsmaterial zu wellen zeigt ein Paar als scharf gezeichnete Silhouette vor der Kulisse eines idyllischen Strandes. Schlagartig verändert sich die Atmosphäre, als eine Welle droht, die vom Boden aus filmende Kamera zu überfluten. Die monotonen Wellenbewegungen des Meeres im Hintergrund stehen im Kontrast zur linearen, narrativen Bewegung der beiden Personen. Im Schnitt wird das Auf und Ab des Meeres wiederholt: Ausgehend vom zeitlichen Mittelpunkt der Szenerie, dem Brechen der Welle,
läuft das Bildmaterial immer weiter vor und zurück. Voranschreitendes und Nachfolgendes werden sukzessive sichtbar. Im Kontext des Davor und Danach verändern sich Atmosphäre und Bedeutung des Ausgangsmomentes.

Watch the full film here: http://www.danielburkhardt.de/de/wellen/

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I could have…

Programme 14.09.2018

Anna Galinova

Russian Federation 2017, 00:04:33

Photo 1 1_copy_1

A young man is agonizingly trying not to lose his loved one or is he?

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Ghost Story

Programme 14.09.2018

Sarah Elgart

United States 2016, 00:07:33
Ghost Story follows four dancers in search of a narrative as they prowl the interiors and exteriors of Bjarke Ingels’ DAM Award winning “court scraper” VIA 57 West in NYC, responding to the building’s architecture and scale with movement. The film blends contemporary and street dance forms with the fashion of legendary designer Issey Miyake, and both are seen in context with the lines of the building and Artist Stephen Glassman’s “Flows Two Ways”, the  8-story sculpture forming VIA 57 West’s entryway.
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Le Faune

Programme 14.09.2018

Joseph Simon

Netherlands 2017/ 2018, Le Faune is a Dansateliers Rotterdam production, 09:37:00

ViviDreamy, Joseph Simon, POOL 18

Le Faune is a fantasy-world on film, based on the ballet L’après-midi d’un Faune by Vaslav Nijinsky. In this ballet, that was produced in 1912, Nijinsky took a new direction and broke with the usual, flowy dance-code in ballet. His original style, rectangular and with slightly sexually tinted movements caused a commotion amongst the audience and press. In his film Le Faune, just like Nijinsky, Joseph Simon incorporates foreign influences to the code of ballet to come to new kinds of expression. With this he creates an enchanting dance-film about voyeurism, intimacy and sexuality.

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Programme 14.09.2018

Caravan Prod Genève, Jasmine Morand

Switzerland 2016, 00:01:47.000

Based on excerpts of the choreographic installation for twelve dancers, the film was made during rehearsals, allowing us to place the camera on stage. The live performance is visible through a large mirror placed eight meters above the stage, a fixed camera has been positioned on the floor, filming directly into the mirror. The kinesthetic and visual experiences that the live performance offers to the audience, lying on a ground and watching at the mirror, could be define as a « hypnotic drive » with « geometric omnipresence ». These two aspects were the keywords for the conception of the short film and were enhanced through postproduction work. Two final trailers were made, the first working only on the modulation of time and sound effects, the second, presented here, adding layers on top to create a multiplication of the bodies and patterns.

The film was in collaboration with Screenprod Switzerland and Caravan Prod Geneva.

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Programme 14.09.2018

Emmanuel Tussore

France 2017, 00:10:52

Faced with the immensity of the sea, a human chain silently proceeds.

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Programme 14.09.2018

Vicent Dupont

France 2018, 00:10:15


Vincent Dupont explores the choreographic act in his relation to space, breath, and air, a servant of the image as a medium of movement, rhythm and frame. An immersion in a relationship with time that opens new perceptions about the body at stake.

These facial expressions are intentionally slowed down, features composing and decomposing to the sounds made by mouths forming and contorting in an evolving frame. A shot with three dancers in a room next reunites these faces to bodies, the bodies to other bodies, these presences to a space.

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PEARLS 15.09.2018

Grzegorz Myjkowski, Katarzyna Ustowska

Poland 2018, 00:06:38

Line, Grzegorz Myjkowski, POOL 18

The main character of „LINE“, an 83 years old Mrs Krystyna, is a mathematician and a teacher. A sensitive to art person that is at all times searching and wanting to discover. Krystyna has a stroke-induced aphasia – a disorder of language functions which impedes the process of translating thoughts into words resulting in disordered communication. The same process of translating thoughts, feelings and sensations but into a form of movement, is however fluid. Krystyna’s communication through movement is uninterrupted, clear and precise. Paradoxically it becomes an extremely eloquent language in itself, a dance.

Krystyna’s movement presented in „LINE“ were inspired by the famous choreographic passage of Pina Bausch: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, from „Nelken” (1982).

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rotten cats

PEARL 15.09.2018

Johan Planefeldt

Germany 2014/ 2018, 00:07:20

Rotten Cats, Johan Planfeldt, POOL 18

A girl, abandoned by her cat, is wallowing in her unhappy childhood.

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How to disappear completely

Pears Artist Prize 15.09.2018

Jonathan Sanchez

Germany 2018, 00:03:06

Where goes the night, up to the sunrise… that’s where I belong, that’s where I’m lying down.

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Jonathan Sanchez

Germany 2017, 00:01:26

Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-11 um 14.25.37

A mystic encounter with the forces that build universe. The silhouette of a non-human. What is a king ? Who or What do you surrender to ?

Molimo is a journey in search of the other through legends and myths.

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Molimo Rehearsal


Jonathan Sanchez

Germany 2017, 00:02:32

I spent few hours in the corner of a small room, silently observing creatures moving.
This is what they wanted to show me…

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Special 05.10.17

Marie-Claude Fournier

Canada, Haiti 2017, 00:11:55

Vivienne Gauthier POOL 17 - INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN

« No regrets », says Vivianne Gauthier sat in her « ginger bread house » where she’s leaving since more than eigthy years. Strong, energetic, disciplined and singular, this dance choreographer and teacher has built a her life on her own way, becoming an emblematic figure of Haitian culture. This movie is a portrait of that lovely woman, through the visit of her iconic Villa in Port-au-Prince.

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Programme 05.10.17

Gabriela Alcofra, Billy Cowie

UK 2014, 00:03:00

In 1930ies Rio de Janeiro the young Gabriela realises she has the ability to stop time.

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Programme 05.10.17

Gus&Lo / GN|MC Guy Nader, Maria Campos

Spain 2015, 00:08:24

TIME TAKES THE TIME TIME TAKES is a physical dynamic conversation through movement repetitions and pendulum leitmotiv that embodies mechanisms measuring time and space. A journey of dangling movements that burst into different encounters evolving towards a perpetual mobile. An ongoing wheel that suggests time as a continuum.

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Programme 05.10.17

Paolo Ermanno Vecchione

Italy 2017, 00:02:30

Housecage, POOL 17 - INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN


HOUSECAGE is dedicated to all the inmates who are allowed to practise dance in their rehabilitation program in Cebu, Philippines.

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Programme 06.10.17

Kim-Sanh Châu, Ray Lavers

Canada 2016, 00:11:39

InnerSmoke POOL 17 - INTERNATIONAL TanzFilmFestival BERLIN

In Hoa Binh, rural area in Northern Vietnam, large expanses of white smoke can be observed every day. Whether at roadsides, in fields, or even backyards, locals light fires every night around 5 p.m. Whether fire is lit in the idea of cleaning, purifying or honouring the deceased, this omnipresent phenomenon becomes obsessive. Inner Smoke is a dance-embodiement of the fire and smoke process, following the Vietnamese cult of the dead culture. This film deals with the space left for renewal after one’s disappearance, while questioning what remains from the past, what we can not see, like ashes that we are no longer paying attention to.

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Programme 06.10.17


China 2016, 00:17:18

Imagine: human beings return to their original state and conventional rules no longer applies. Imagine: human beings being objectified and the next dominating species have a completely different social system. What would the world be like? Avant-garde independent Chinese dance artist and choreographer Er Gao leads a cast of international dancers, performing in the nude in the ancient village of Huadu, to present an absurd scene born out of the irony of force-fed education and twisted social awareness. (The programme contains nudity )

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Programme 06.10.17

Marta Di Francesco

U.K. 2012, 00:02:30


An exploration of time displacement.
A dance film that investigates and explored the concept of time and identity, employing slit scanning as a technique that allows determined points in time to leak and blend all into one.

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Programme 06.10.17

Sascha Engel

Israel 2017, 00:04:09


Bikurei Itim Center in Tel Aviv
has been a home for us dancers for many years.
Very quick, in silence, without a proper good bye
they took this place from us
So Kino Kitchen decided to dedicate one last dance to Bikurei Itim
R.I.P. Biku…this one’s for you
Special thanx to Doron Levene & Glikson – Camera Rental Israel for providing us the gear.

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Programme 06.10.17

Vito Alfarano

Italy 2011, 00:07:40

1. IL MIO GRIDO by Vito Alfarano

Made in the prison of Rovigo city is the epilogue of an emotion that between body and sound becomes art. The white background eliminates the possibility of placement in space. The nudity expresses power, softness, vibrancy and fragility. Not knowing anything about the body that is on the screen the viewer will not see the prisoner, but the MAN. The single voice is a treasure chest of information and emotions, intimately linked to their own experience and the place from which you came from. The voices of the detainees and electronic sounds compose the original music.

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Programme 06.10.17

Jonne Covers, Ivo van Aart

Netherlands 2016, 00:06:30

A large restaurant, full of people who are having a good time. They’re chatting and paying attention to each other. At least, that’s what it seems…

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Programme 06.10.17

Kevin Gay

France 2016, 00:03:27


« The universe is the set of all that exists, governed by a number of laws. »
This performance is a meeting of four artists who have decided to combine their talents to give life to this work. Each one, according to its laws, presents and proposes a dialogue to create a universe.
The creation and destruction combine to tell the life.

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A FULL CIRCLE – Movement #3

Programme 06.10.17

Rodrigo Rocha-Campos

Canada 2016, 00:08:55

A full Circle POOL 17 - INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN

A Full Circle is a three part series exploring the dark and visceral human emotions through contemporary and cutting-edge dance performance. Movement #3 exposes two characters, the siblings, to an emotional roller-coaster in three defined moments – rivalry, clash and reconciliation. From a tightly connected duo to complete polar opposites the siblings go through a downward spiral vying for dominance. After reaching the deepest bottom, how will they make it back up to the light?

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Programme 05.10.17

Sergio Gridelli, Zoë Demoustier

Netherlands 2016, 00:01:00

A short reflection about flee and looking for a safe place. About the one’s that did not make it.

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Programme 06.10.17

Aviv Maaravi

Israel 2016, 00:10:45


Black Box is an enigmatic performance/installation featuring a solo performer Shamel Pitts, a former company member of Israel’s iconic Batsheva Dance Company. Buoyed by his trademark expressive movement, Pitts employs spoken word, evocative lighting, and avant-garde expressionism to construct a personal, poetic narrative about search for identity and striving for survival amidst impermanence. Obliquely referencing the flight data recorder, BLACK BOX transcends traditional travel journal format, becoming instead a record of a life as – in a nod to Nina Simone – a “young, gifted and Black” artist, thriving in constant motion.

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Programme 05.10.17

Simone Wierød

Denmark 2017, 00:04:18


a dance film created from a questioning of our aim for the perfect, the alike and the synchronous SOLUS is an experiment about perfection. It is an experiment rooted in the striving for the synchronous and the aim for being alike or to live up to certain standards that we experience in the world of today in terms of physical appearance, social status, career and personal life.
All roles are performed by the same dancer, which serves as an experiment on synchronicity and being alike as well as it serves as a subtle, poetic and symbolic comment on our time.
SOLUS is the latest in a series of artistic comments on society by Danish choreographer Simone Wierød, who uses her choreographic practice as a tool to understand and debate the present time.
With this film we wish to address a debate on the aims and ideals of modern society with an experiment that takes current tendencies to the extreme, with a poetic, physical and choreographic approach.

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Programme 05.10.17

Anastasia Diga

Greece 2016, 00:03:16

The Rosetta Mission POOL 17

The corner of the room remains microscopic moving as much as human construction is directed to the beginning of the birth of everything. Rosette crosses for 12 years the eternal loneliness of the universe to end up to the errant comet… 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.There will be a crash there as the human body is retracted and expanded emitting gravitational waves in other words space whispers of a solitary orbit as solitary is almost always the route to an uncharted body.

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TABLEAUX, Paysages premiers

Pearl 07.10.17

Maïté Jeannolin, Charlotte Marchal

Belgium 2016, 00:12:21

Inspired by a mystical ceremony, this movie mainly shot in Morocco is a contemporary reappropriation of a rite of passage, a symbolical journey through the colors of a trance night. If the body is a vehicle that moves, it’s to move its environment, to embody the landscape.

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Pearl 07.10.17

Christian Weber

USA-MX 2016, 00:04:00


Is a performance that illustrates the inner conflict of the protagonist, Dalel. Her body movements are reflective of her inner voice and the conflict she is experiencing while batting personal demons.

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Pearl 07.10.17

Miloushka Bokma

Netherlands 2015, 00:06:54

Poet: PJ Wallace (maybe he will com from UK and he is the only one who will need accommodation)

See the full film here: https://vimeo.com/122359219

Themes in this video is the meeting -the coming together of people and the farewell . 1 embrace divides into 22 different encounters.
We say each time in a different way goodbye. Farewell in the broadest sense of the word. Saying goodbye to your childhood, or your dreams and ideals, the growing apart of a friendship, a love grown cold, your child who is mature and independent and definitive goodbye that death brings.

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Pearl 07.10.17

Adi Halfin

USA 2017, 00:02:55

True Love Waits Adi Halfin POOL 17 - INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN

A poignant tale of loss and loneliness.


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Programme 05.10.17

Sofoklis Kiourtzoglou

Greece 2017, 00:01:07

Silence is everywhere…

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Pearl 05.10.17

Maja Mirek

Poland 2016, 00:04:31

Unspoken, POOL 17 - INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN

There is a place in the throat, where all unspoken sentences sink. How long have You been able to keep silent when You see situations You do not agree with? How many times have You been in this certain situatiion? What makes you cover the facts? Where is the border?
UNSPOKEN is the result of process of observation by analyzing the behavior and reactions to the things, which we disagree with.
In polish language we have sentence „nabra? wody w usta“ („take water in mouth“), which means „to remain tight-lipped“. Those unspoken words are no loger words. They accumulate at the height of the cervical vertebral and go deep into the sixth throatic. Terminally stuck there. They overwhelm, distort, creating the illusory reality that makes us comfortable together.

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Programme 05.10.17

Rain Kencana

Germany 2017, 00:05:40

A dance couple transforms an industrial powerplant into a dreamscape of nostalgic remembrance that mixes up different layers of time and relation.

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Programme 06.10.17

Maya Humo

Spain 2017, 00:01:24

A game to inhabit unlocated places that are out of time.

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Pearls artist prize 16

Rain Kencana

Germany 2016, 00:02:50

Ichi Go vertanzt ihre ambivalente Haltung zwischen Tradition und Moderne in Bezug auf ihre Weiblichkeit. Sie zeigt dabei deutlich ihr Unbehagen mit Symbolen aus beiden Welten umzugehen. Zu einem Gedicht von Shuntaro Tanikawa.

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Johan Planefeldt

Germany 2016, 00:27:00

A dance group is working on a new dance piece where they explore emotions and altered states with powerful techniques. For Maria it gets too intense and she starts to loose herself while her boyfriend Stefan pushes to go deeper.

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Programme 09.09.16

Sašo Podgoršek

Slovenia 2014, 00:28:47


The workers’ and mining facilities, characterising and changing the Slovenian mining town of Trbovlje for almost two centuries, which have already been captured on camera in the previous films shot by EN-KNAP, have to face uncertain future and the possibility of impending demolition. In this homage by the author Iztok Kova? to his birth town, the international dance company EnKnapGroup confronts the mining facilities for the last time, before they disappear from the collective consciousness forever. The parting is decent: for the last time the members of the group fill these places with vitality and life as they experience it themselves.

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Programme 09.09.16

Sascha Engel, Yoram Karmi

Israel 2014, 00:03:41

Die Handlung dreht sich um eine alte Frau, deren Körper zwar dem Zahn der Zeit Tribut zollen musste, aber deren Erinnerungen und Emotionen wacher sind denn je. In ihren Erinnerungen werden Vergangenes und Menschen wieder lebendig.

The film is about an elderly woman, who’s body has paid it’s toll to the ravages of time but who’s memories and emotions are more awake than ever. In her remembrance the past and people revive.

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Pearls Artist Prize 07.10.17, Programme 09.09.16

Miloushka Bokma

Netherlands 2016, 00:05:05

Winter Wende was originally a traditional pagan festival of light. It was a celebration of the days gradually became longer and the sun stronger. The midwinter festival was the feast of a farewell and a new beginning; of death and fertility. In the video work WinterWende elements of this celebration are used in a symbolic way intertwined with our customs and manners of modern times. An intimate situation changed gradually in an almost oppressive ritual.

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Programme 09.09.16

Rocio Gauna and Victoria Ferrari

Argentina 2013, 00:15:00


⇀ Watch the full film on Vimeo

A poetic reflection about time in the body of four women.

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Programme 09.09.16

Alicia Cabrero

Spain 2015, 00:00:60

Travers, POOL 16 - Internationales TanzFilmFestival Berlin

“… run away in order to survive, leap into a future, climb until you reach your dream, move forward with a smile, stop living off memories and make room for new ones, fall in order to build, escape in order to rest…”

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Programme 09.09.16

Leila El-Kayem

Germany 2015, 00:04:47

REBELLION & JOHANNESBURG is a bold and provocative dance film which tells the story of xenophobia, violence and resilience set to the backdrop of the Marikana mining massacre which took place in 2012 in Rustenburg, South Africa. The Marikana Massacre was the single most lethal use of force by South African security forces against civilians since 1960.

The dance film is a re-interpretation of a dance production of the same name, Rebellion & Johannesburg, which premiered in Germany in September 2015, featuring choreographer Jessica Nupen. The film was shot in multi-cultural Neukölln, in an abandoned electrical building, host to some of Berlin’s largest immigrant communities in Germany.

This exhilarating contemporary dance film taps into the unique spirit of both Berlin’s and Johannesburg’s changing cultural landscapes. The dance film’s collaboration with Soweto born music pioneer of ‘township tech’ Spoek Mathambo and Amanda Mukasonga, Rwanda-German rapper, poet and actress allows the film to expose the complexities of a younger generation grappling with transformation, multiple identities, race and the human migration crisis.

The short film features eight dancers from the Dance company Moving Into Dance Mophatong, one of the few mixed race groups from South Africa, formed during the height of Apartheid. Impacting change since 1978 and continuing to do, the MID’s motto ‘Nyakaze o Fetohe’ – Making a Difference through Dance’ embodies its philosophy and practice of transforming lives, one dancer at a time.

This film aims to illuminate the bravery around one’s search for identity and also highlight our generations resistance against the authority and control. The story expresses the trials and rebellion of the lost Generations of post Apartheid South Africa and post GDR Germany.

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Programme 09.09.16

Marco Alma

Italy 2016, 00:05:50

+-, Marco Alma, POOL 16 - INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN

A poetic reflection about the body as a possibility of expression of harmonic symmetry between interdipendent entity. The movement becomes investigation on the concept of polarity, on the relationship of mutual dependence of two opposing elements.

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Programme 09.09.16

Azzurra Lugari

France 2014, 00:04:32


Experimental Vertical Dance on the cliff.

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Programme 08.09.16

Vik Laschenov

Russia 2016, 00:12:45


My heroes works in large corporations, buy food in the shops, have dinner at cafe and restaurants. They are successful, sleek, provided, but a little bit unhappy. They are trying to find themselves and unconsciously seek to the nature. They comes to the forest. They try to be so using familiar objects and comfortable ways of interacting with others. Their colleagues believe they moved in downshifting demons. They need something to do about it.

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Programme 08.09.16

Lilo Mangelsdorff

Germany 2015, 00:02:27


Six dancers are rehearsing a new piece in a ballet studio.
Like shadows they appear on the dancefloor.
This film is a composition of sound and image of the rehearsing process.

In einem Ballettsaal proben Tänzer ein neues Stück. Sie erscheinen schattenhaft auf der Bildfläche des Ballettbodens. Aus neu arrangierten und gezielt bearbeiteten Ton- und Bildelementen wird ein Bewegungsbild komponiert aus dem filmischen Material der Probenarbeit.

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Programme 08.09.16

Nikita Maheshwary

India 2016, 00:01:45

Lines by Nikita Maheshwary

The film delves into the multi-pronged issue of drug abuse in state of Punjab, India. The state bordering Pakistan is besieged with social, political, geographical & emotional recuperation of the drug trafficking leading to an alarming rate of youth addiction and deaths.

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Programme 08.09.16

Stella Fotiadi

Greece 2016, 00:03:17

A man and a woman on a rooftop. Longing, approaching, conversing, demanding.

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Programme 08.09.16

Joshua Monten

Switzerland 2015, 00:01:40
Joy by Joshua Monten, POOL 16

Joy by Joshua Monten, POOL 16

“Joy” explores the unexpectedly joyful art of stage fighting, freed from the constraints of plot and psychological realism.

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Programme 08.09.16

Jannis Lenz

Austria 2016, 00:09:00


Originating in the Parisian suburbs, Parkour is a “kinetic” art form that involves jumping walls and other obstacles in urban environments. It also evokes the feeling of weightlessness inherent to big cities but which is gradually disappearing. Schwerelos follows a group of Parkour “tracers“ from Vienna and slam artist Fatima Moumouni, who pens a poem on the city and young people’s attitude to life.

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Programme 08.09.16

Chisa Hidaka, Benjamin Harley

USA 2014, 00:05:21

Amongst, POOL 16 - INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN

Lose yourself in the radically different world of wild dolphins as you follow graceful dancers into the deep ocean, surrounded by swirling, chattering, and squawking, at once familiar and unfamiliar.

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Programme 08.09.16

Bertrand Guerry & Thibaut Ras

France 2015, 00:08:42

Ocean’s memories unfolds as an encounter between a dancer and a musician, musing along on a deserted beach. In the cold light, in the wind, by the water and the golden sand, the elements mix to accompany their vivid choreography.

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Programme 08.09.16

Andrei Severny

United States 2015, 00:14:00


Gravitation is a synergy of dance and cinema. It is shot entirely in slow motion and features Diana Vishneva, principal dancer of the Mariinsky Ballet and the American Ballet Theater.

The film is the story of creation, inner struggle and transformation. Calligraphic black and white images are rich in metaphors exploring the notions of time and space, movement and light.

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Programme 08.09.16


Italy 2014, 00:01:10

A tailor and his wife. A day like any other: old and new customers, one after another. Then she enters. Suddenly a glimpse, a mistake… and there’s already a stitch to remove: one more word and the elbows will lightly touch.

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Programme 08.09.16

Jonny Reed

Australia 2013, 00:02:41

Folk you - Jonny Reed - POOL INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN

A collaboration with Irish dancers and Riverdance alumni Suzanne Cleary & Peter Harding, the video deconstructs Irish dance with a series of percussive movements and sounds. Performed and directed in a nonchalant, irreverent style, the choreography and pace of editing are the antithesis of the typical frenetic performances of commercial Irish dance shows. The video also attempts to anchor this new deconstructed form in a more traditional yet fun and relevant style.

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Before We Go

Special 10.09.2015

Jorge Leon

Belgium 2014, 01:22:00

Brussels, La Monnaie Opera House. Three people near the end of their lives meet with choreographers, actors and musicians.
They take part in a unique experience which involves music, dance and silence. Their journey becomes a tribute to the fragility
of the human condition, between reality and representation, tragedy of the body and freedom of the spirit. Together they
question their own relationship with death.

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Space Nothing More

Programme 11.09.15

Nikodem Wojciechowski

Poland 2015, 00:21:00

Void like any other perfection, is unstable. So unstable that with a little luck it can give birth to something quite substantial – the universe, star, planet or even conscious mind. Void will eventually use it as a tool to find out about its own existence.

SPACE NOTHING MORE video is a mix of dance, cosmology, science fiction and philosophy. 

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An African walk in the land of China

Programme 11.09.15

Pierre Larauza, Emmanuelle Vincent

Belgium, China, France 2015, 00:13:20

In the contemporary labor China, an African young woman roams in streets in search of a meeting. She crosses workers in her wandering. How will they welcome mutually at the age of Chinafrica? 

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Pearl 12.09.15

Helena Jonsdottir, Vera Sölvadottir

Iceland 2014, 00:15:58

GONE is physical cinema. A middle-aged man visits “Gljúfrasteinn” a house in Iceland where the novelist and Nobel Prize writer Halldór Laxness lived with his wife Audur. While the couple is away, a man enters their the house and spends the day there. Who is gone? Is he really there? What if someone spent the day at your house in your absence? Would you ever know?

Picasso once said that we are all born artists; In Gone we can see that we are all born dancers. It’s very clear when we are young children, before we start to speak or even walk, we start to move, we start to dance. ..It is in our nature. In this film the original movements come from the performer, Ingvar. Nobody moves the way he does, this includes for all of us. For him it comes naturally, for all of us. Everybody can dance, everyone should dance everyday. You can dance with your eyes, your fingers or your whole body. As we get older most of us dance less and less. Maybe we are just to busy with other things and there for many just use the body to move the head between meetings. 

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Betwixt and Between

Pearl 12.09.15

YunTing Tsai

Taiwan 2012, 00:08:15

Betwixt and Between04

Betwixt and Between represents sometime in life, undecided, and somewhere between two alternatives, neither here nor there. It is close to the anarchic essence of life, neither one thing nor the other. I was in a midway position, in the middle of a period of time. A bit confused, but I was certain of leaving without any possible explanation. The exposed concrete buildings were used as a metaphor. I felt imprisoned inside a rigid and impregnable construction, not only the system but the limitations of life. It is painful to rebel directly against the walls. In order to travel, I leaned out over the iron railings instead, leveraging the power of those restrictions. With the light that this brought, I was less panicked at least, in spite of the fact of being in an uncertain situation; partly virtual, partly real; seemingly virtual and real at the same time that I could not tell. The shadows cast over my travel become the echo of an ongoing journey. 

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Epiphany of Returning

Pearl 12.09.15

Richard Shpuntoff, Benedetta Capanna

USA, Argentina 2015, 00:09:31

Solo dance on camera construction portraying the mind-body connection with the aim of embracing the poetry of human fragility and the urgency of its passion. 

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Die Bühne im Kopf – The stage in my head

Pearl 12.09.15

Sonja Schrader

Germany 2015, 00:14:52

Sequenz 01

In einem Raum, der keine Wände, sondern nur Boden kennt, trifft das idealisierte Selbst auf die Grenzen des physischen Seins.

Die Protagonistin bewegt sich durch einen endlosen Raum und verhandelt tänzerisch-performativ die Diskrepanz von Wollen und Sein. Die vierteilige Choreografie wird durch einen Prolog eingeführt, der die Ansprache des Schöpfers an die Welt enthält, welche aus „Das große Welttheater“ von Calderon de la Barca (1600-1681) entlehnt ist. 

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Pearl 12.09.15

Natalia Sardi

Belgium 2015, 00:11:17


Partly autobiographical , “ Vecinas“ is a story of two solitudes will approach by the laws of magnetism. 

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Programme 10.09.15

Damián Alquichire

Colombia 2015, 00:05:58


El punto de partida es el registro continuo de Alejandra Gissler danzando, una improvisación neta en la que su cuerpo fue el vehículo para transmitir las sensaciones de aquellos minutos.

Los movimientos de Alejandra son estudiados por Damián Alquichire, el cual logra una selección de fragmentos específicos. El procesamiento audiovisual consiste en descomponer aquellos movimientos seleccionados en fotogramas, que luego son dibujados, adquiriendo cada uno un gesto propio, borrándose, dibujándose, fluyendo. Fueron alrededor de 1500 dibujos realizados, y borrados, en 15 pliegos que se involucraron en la realización de este proyecto. Tanto en el dibujo como en el video existe una reflexión por el tránsito material del tiempo, por cualidades plásticas. Esta naturaleza fue interpretada a nivel sonoro por el compositor Santiago Jiménez, tomando estas características de plasticidad y materialidad como base para la realización de la música. Siendo consciente de los cambios de tiempos que existen en el video, Santiago crea una paleta sonora específica, logrando así construir un paisaje sonoro elaborado a partir de un mismo material tímbrico, asemejando la utilización del carbonicllo en el dibujo. El paso del tiempo es el tema central de esta obra, hilado con elementos tales como lo son el vestigio, la huella, la bruma y el hastío.

La obra CARBOGRAMA se empieza a realizar a mediados de 2014 y se concluye a comienzos del 2015 en Bogotá, Colombia. 

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Uath Lochans – small lakes of the hawthorns

Programme 11.09.15

Katrina McPherson, Simon Fildes

United Kingdom 2015, 00:06:30

A solo dancer and a physical and visceral dissection of place.
Shot on location at Uath Lochans, Glen Feshie, Invernessshire Scotland and commissioned through the Water & Glass project produced by Peter Royston, (Dance Development Perth & Kinross Council) 

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Perron 13 – Platform 13

Programme 10.09.2015

Camiel Zwart

Netherlands 2015, 00:13:44


Platform 13 tells the tragicomic story of a Japanese railway conductor. With his equally strong as graceful movements he keeps the biggest crowds under control. But than he ends up in his biggest nightmare: a strange new world, in which he and his signals prove unnecessary. 

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Programme 10.09.15

Aïda Colmenero Dïaz

Nigeria / Spain 2014, 00:04:29


Inspired by the poem of Fina García Marruz (Cuba) CINE MUDO
„No es que le falte el sonido, es que tiene el silencio“
the sound in silent film is not missing, it has the silent.
The reality in Nigeria is with 24 hours of noise of power generation, for nigerian people this noise is the silent,for people form outside is big and disgusting noise.
also this noise remember us the old film machine.
We wanted to adapt the poem to the african and nigerian reality.
play with the silent, the noise and make a music with that.
we want to create a video poem
Original idea: Aïda Colmenero Dïaz 

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Programme 11.09.15

Sajid Hasan Dilawar, Gunja Bose

India 2012, 00:02:08


The amazing performance by Sofiane Sylve and the desire to see paintings in motion inspired two animators to combine various art-forms to make ‚Ballet‘. It took over three and half years to capture the small details of Sofiane’s performance in 1106 paintings. ‚Ballet‘ is a combination of dance, music, painting and animation, in an effort to create something beautiful.

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S kožou na trh – Risking The Skin on The Market

Programme 10.09.15

Zuzana Sehnalová, Martina Slováková

Slovakia 2015, 00:03:00


SKIN – a barrier protecting the sensitive inside of a human body from the external environment. A contact layer where interaction between the body and the surroundings occurs.
MARKET – a public space, where parties meet in order to effectuate an exchange: successful or unsuccessful; tangible, intangible, monetary and emotional.
Slovak idiom „to go with the skin on the market“ stands for courage to risk. Individual’s intimate unveiling on public while risking uncertain reaction. 

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Programme 10.09.15

Alex Pachón

Spain 2015, 00:06:00


The door is closed. A bunch of keys are on the floor. Someone is sleeping in a wheelchair. And a crack is begginnig to form on the ceiling. 

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Programme 11.09.15

Julia Maria Koch, Torsten Lippstock

Germany 2015, 00:08:15


Solarliod ist ein Tanz-Kunst-Kurzfilm, welcher in Island gedreht wurde. Die Musik stammt von dem jungen islaendischen Komponisten Hoerdur Mar Bjarnason, welcher 2014 sein aeusserst erfolgreiches Debutalbum “ Haust” europaweit lancierte, Kamera fuehrte Torsten Lippstock sowie die Co-regie, die er sich mit der Taenzerin und Choreographin Julia Maria Koch teilte.

“Solarliod” ist inspiriert in einem gleichnamigen Gedicht aus den “ Eddas” , ein bedeutendes Sammelwerk der nordischen Goetter und Heldensagen aus dem 13. Jahrhundert, in dem es um die Gesellschaft geht, den Glauben und die Natur.

“Solarliod” findet Bilder fuer die apokalyptischen Worte der Dichtung und uebersetzt sie in ein zeitgenoessisches Bewusstsein und Kontext.
Anhand einer einzigen Person wird die Gesellschaft beschaut und ueber ihre Grenzen philosophiert, wo die Struktur zur Qual und die Einsamkeit zur eigenen Hoelle werden kann.

Die gewaltige Natur Islands wird dabei zum Schauplatz und Katalysator einer Auseinandersetzung und mutiert zum gewalttaetigen Gegenspieler im inneren Kampf eines Individuums um dessen Scheitern an den Anspruechen und Widerspruechen der modernen Gesellschaft und seiner eigenen Fragilitaet und Unzulänglichkeit. 

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you should be dancing!

Programme 10.09.15

Elinor Wyser

Switzerland 2014, 00:01:30

An entertaining and refreshing short-animation, which was made only with pictures out of a contemporary Aerobic workbook. Whilst watching it, you will feel that you really should be dancing. 

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Programme 10.09.15

Adam Sekuler, Shannon Stewart

USA 2015, 00:03:26


An imagined spectacle, rodeo iconography, the feminine body, the equine body, dressage. 

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Programme 10.09.15

Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel, Celine Signoret

France 2015, 00:16:43

Novacieries is inspired by the Mainstream Hardcore movement. A singer and dancers wander in an abandoned steel mill. The dancers respond to the lost beat of machinery by executing Hard Jump and Hakken figures while the singer turns a Hardcore anthem „Hardcore to the bone“ into a lyrical lament. 

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Programme 11.09.15

Shantala Pèpe

Belgium, United Kingdom 2014, 00:07:25

A woman and a man share a suspended moment of intimacy sitting before a vast ocean. Here they muse on the enigmatic immensity of their own destiny, taking us into an ethereal fantasy that is compelled by ardent love, outside of time and the constraints of questioning. 

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Little Green Man – in situ

Programme 11.09.15

Tatanka Gombaud

France 2014, 00:10:21

Capture d’écran_500px

Little Green Man is the inner turmoil of a man. It exhibits a revolution caused inside him. The destructive but liberating journey. This is not a dark or a bright path. It is an irrepressible desire to live. „An unpredictable journey between places that do not exist“ S.Dagerman. 

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Artist Prize 07.10.17, Programme 11.09.15

Adi Halfin

Israel 2013, 00:02:00


A sensual exploration of an abandoned space, through planned and improvised work of dancers and camera. 

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Programme 10.09.15

Roni Chadash

Israel 2014, 00:02:03

After a long period of behaving as an invertebrate animal, not knowing where is my spine in life and why do i need it for, i saw myself giving my whole being to other people and eventually I demolished myself and my healthy ego.

This piece is about how we fit ourselves into society, and let other people criticism affect us, more than it should have. The hands are a metaphor to the outside influence on our souls, a small organ that can affect our movement more than it should, if we let go of our muscles and spine (an image to our ideals and desires). Through the whole piece, the audience can not see my spine, as a symbol for it’s gone. 

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Programme 11.09.14

Simona Deaconescu

Romania 2013, 00:11:54

A choreographer, a director of photography, a music composer and five dancers meet up on infinite ground, a space filled with
interlinked relationships. A moment of gaze upon each other tampers in a stream of emotions that flows out with different
dynamics. Five strangers are gathered in the same unwelcoming space, fighting together for a way out, tired by their confused
thoughts, trying to regain strenght over their altered bodies. The story unfolds itself from within. The camera bursts into the heart
of the dance whilst the music copes with the cruelty and the fever of everyday’s warfare.

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Programme 11.09.14

Jacqueline Kooter

Netherlands 2013, 00:02:33

Wilful love…game or struggle?

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Programme 11.09.14

Colectivo de Experimentación Mama Hilda

Cuba 2014, 00:15:33


A metaphorical video.dance exploration around the melancholy of Havana, a city that keeps itself alive because of the persistence and the movement by today ́s cuban youth, represented by the desperate dance of the spirits of spring whom, surrounded by the increasing greyness and the cold breeze, keep dancing and searching, trying to heat themselves through the last days of autumn.

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Programme 11.09.14

Nicole Seiler

Switzerland 2014, 00:02:08

Audio Description is a procedure that makes films, shows and exhibitions accessible to blind or visually impaired audiences, thanks to a voice off-stage that describes the visual elements of the work. For Amauros, Séverine Skierski, an audio-describer specialising in cinema and theatre, recorded several descriptions of choreographies.
These descriptions are subject here and can be shown as video projections or in an installation.

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Programme 11.09.2014

Cristina Molino

Spain 2014, 00:04:29

Ella and Eric live an intense and heartbreaking love story. A promise will make it last forever.

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Where do you want to go?

Programme 11.09.14

Alessandro Inglima

South Korea, UK, Italy 2014, 00:11:25

Where do we want to go? POOL 14 - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN

„Where Do You Want To Go?“ explores the feelings of people in their environment. The four dancers have different ways to observe and understand the city (Seoul). The camera delivers their point of view to the audience. This project originates from site-specific choreographies and street improvisation performances in Seoul.

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Vanishing Points

Programme 11.09.14

Marites Carino

Canada 2014, 00:08:41

Like two molecules unknowingly affecting one another in space and briefly crossing paths, conceptual hip-hop dancers collide and share fleeting moments of intimate synchronicity on the streets of Montreal. Sucked into a choreographic time warp, viewers slowly realize things are not as they seem.

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Programme 11.09.14

Stephanie Scheubeck, Roger Rossell

Germany 2014, 00:04:25


Im medizinischen Kontext war Aion eine Bezeichnung für das Rückenmark (als Lebensnerv)
Heraklit sagt: „Aion ist ein Knabe, der spielt, die Brettsteine hin und her setzt: einem Knaben gehört die Königsherrschaft.“
Mit dem Spiel ist hier die Aufeinanderfolge zyklischer Zeitabschnitte (Tage, Jahreszeiten, Weltalter) gemeint. Das Spiel endet, die Steine werden neu aufgestellt und ein neuer Zyklus beginnt.
Im Gegensatz zur Verwendung bei Heraklit erscheint der Begriff bei Platon in Timaios 37d nicht als Bezeichnung eines Zyklus, sondern als Gegenteil und Gegensatz der zyklisch fortschreitenden Zeit (Chronos). Der Himmel mit den Bewegungszyklen der Himmelskörper und Sphären ist ein Sinnbild der Ewigkeit, aber eben nicht die Ewigkeit (Aion) selbst.
In the medical context Aion was a name for the spinal cord (as the lifeblood)
Heraclitus says: „Aion is a boy who plays the board pieces back and forth continously. A boy owns the kingdom“
With the game here is meant the succession of cyclical periods (days, seasons, world age). The game ends, the stones are reorganized and a new cycle begins.
In contrast to the use in Heraclitus, the term appears in Plato’s Timaeus 37d in not as a designation of a cycle, but as opposite and contrast the cyclic advance of time (Chronos). The sky with the movement cycles of the heavenly bodies and spheres is a symbol of eternity, but not eternity (Aion) itself.

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Project 2

Programme 11.09.14

Sebastian Gross, Tobias Ebling

Germany 2014, 00:05:46

 Project 2, POOL 14 - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN

project 2 is not meant to be anything.it is what it is for every person experiencing it.

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Tricky Trigger

Programme 11.09.14

Sonia Ntova, George Gerasimidis

Greece 2013, 00:05:16

A pill-bomb is swallowed and the party begins. Will it explode? Or is it just playing with a forgotten – by the society – body?

Solitude of the city. Abandoned joy.

How we can survive in the new reality?

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STAND 4.18

Programme 11.09.14

Sascha Engel

Netherlands 2004, 00:12:45

Stand 4.18, POOL - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN

We’re writing the year 2033, the political system has changed under the global power of the United States. The government is using a new malicious control-mechanism, to block people’s freewill and autonomy.
This majority of the population is called “Rhythm Slaves”. But there are some individuals left, who refuse to be absorbed by the system. They are practicing a religion called “COMO” (Conscious Movement). In order to refill the big city with positive, universal energy, the so-called “Comoshas” are executing dance rituals on public places, mostly in the night, when the slaves are sleeping & the speakers are silent.

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Longing to fly / Longing to fall

Programme 12.09.14

Erika Janunger

Sweden 2014, 00:14:00

Two people inhabiting a world where hidden powers effects movements and events in unexpected ways. A collaboration art piece, mixing dance, film, design and music. The furniture was designed especially for this film by Färg & Blanche.

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Jesus Tiger

Programme 12.09.14

The House of ia

USA 2014, 00:07:29

Performed and Filmed in the Summer of 2012 in Austin, TX and revisited in the Spring of 2014, Jesus Tiger is an investigation in the ritualization of spontaneity, a bestride of whim, and a voyage through masking our notions of being seen. Jesus Tiger is… a witness.

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Intrinsic Moral Evil

Programme 12.09.2014

Harm Weistra

Netherlands 2013, 00:10:45

Intrinsic Moral Evil seems to be a tale of identity and coming of age. But above all, the three dancers play a game with the viewer’s perception and expectations: is it a memory, a dream, a search for identity ? Is it about losing of friendship or about growing up? The layered story gradually develops; revealing its last secrets just before the end credits start. Leaving the audience in confusion; inviting them to make their own interpretation.

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Programme 12.09.14

Eoin Heaney

Ireland 2014, 00:06:00

 Turning, POOL 14 - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN

Inspired by the work of Eadweard Muybridge, Turning is a dance film exploring the cyclical nature and repetitive behavior of contemporary Irish society.

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Programme 12.09.14

Carla Forte

USA 2013, 00:06:00

„Four characters, united by their thoughts and separated by their realities, transform their existence into movement“

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Kid birds for camera

Programme 12.09.14

Eric Minh Cuong Castaing, David Daurier

France 2014, 00:11:23

On school playground Kids dance the piece Beach birds of the Merce Cunningham, famous abstrakt contemporan choreographer.

Little by little, the fantastic transforms the reality. The Kids become on pure particulars abstract.

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Young Angry Men

Programme 12.09.14

John Wannehag

United Kingdom 2014, 00:06:22

Young Angry Men2

When we are lost we seek to find the truth, we turn to science, we turn to god and we turn to places that shares our loneliness. When I was younger I was angry and lost. I was a young angry man living without purpose.

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Programme 12.09.14

Ludivine Large-Bessette

France 2012, 00:18:08


Low is a work on emotions. It is based on the interaction between the image and the moving body. It uses dancing and plays with the cinematographic codes. Within the embrace, the viewer witnesses a reminder of the disappearance and the absence starting to materialize.

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Programme 12.09.14

Simon Baucks

Germany 2014, 00:04:56

Inmotion from Simon Baucks on Vimeo.

Inmotion is a portrait of the stylistic differences and similarities amongst seven young dancers.

It seeks to explore possibilities that emerge solely from intertwining the creative processes of musicians, dancers and filmmakers.

There is no imperative to understand anything about Inmotion.

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Programme 12.09.14

Amira Ramírez, Nómada

Mexico 2010, 00:06:32

 Bliss, POOL 14 - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN

Three moving elements meet in a space where the path is already traced. Time turns visible as the moving elements create still moments based in coincidence and choice, making points of encounter between the three worlds: objects, body and nature.

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Replaced Vision

PEARL 13.09.14

Harumi Terayama

Sweden 2013, 00:07:24

 Replaced Vision, POOL 14 - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN

What is sight? Can body take over the function of the sight and vision? Inspired by an episode from Radiolab, two dancers explore sight through their skin, thoughts and sensations.

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The Thing with Feathers

PEARL 13.09.14

Rain Kencana, Jalaludin Trautmann, Miguel Angelo Pate

Germany 2014, 00:04:00
the lucky ones never die the lucky ones
learn to fly
silenceis sound
and bubbles that burst on the surface of silence
we were fortune tigers
in the veins of lucky land
golden tigers’
track riders
dancers of dawn
and lucky charmwe spin this world
fortune tigers never leave tracks so they won’t hurt each other my intend is sandsand of our pastsand of our future
just you
you make the difference made from secret texture rising high and higher
woven into winds
hope is the thing with feathers

the lucky ones
the lucky ones learn to fly
here you are again bird of birds

such of touch
hope is the thing with feathers

Poem by Jinn Pogy

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Nol King Ruter

PEARL 13.09.14

Noud Heerkens

Netherlands 2012, 00:30:00

 Nol King Ruter, POOL 14 - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN

Nol King Ruter celebrates his 65th birthday with a grand banquet, inviting his closest family, friends and colleagues. Many join in, to give him an unforgettable day. During the festivities, old quarrels flare up, new loves arise, while Nol King Ruter challenges the dancers to battle over his legacy. The old master embodies the motto, dance is live and live is dance, and wants to shine one last time. He shows his younger colleagues how extremely fit he still seems and appears to have no burden of physical discomforts. Nol King Ruter really enjoys performing even though his body objects in the course (of) the feast. As a piéce the rèsistance Nol King Ruter dances a new performance with his daughter. His body suddenly refuses to dance any longer. Nol King Ruter finally has to give up the one thing he loves most.

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PEARL 13.09.14

Mads Dinesen, Mali Lazell, Adrian Künzel

Germany 2014, 00:02:53


„Choose Your Battles. Fight The Fight.“

The journey of a warrior. A short Fashionfilm for the A/W 2014 collection „Smoke-clad Warrior“ by Mads Dinesen. Throughout the history of humanity and everywhere on earth, individuals, movements, and groups of people have expressed their ideals and principles by means of protests, marches and demonstrations. Recently, we have witnessed the Arab Spring and the resistance against the oppression of LGBT individuals and organizations in Russia. Clashes occur between governments and people, between different interest groups, or between an individual and a society. The energy that is released in clashes like these serves as the main inspiration for the AW2014 collection “Smoke-Clad Warrior” by MADS DINESEN. How are protest, resistance and ideals expressed through clothing, not only from the point of view of the individual, but also from a societal and cultural point of view? Do we conform our style based on a certain way of living or on a sense of idealism? Or do we express ourselves through slogans on T-shirts and badges? The collection is a tribute to all historical and contemporary pioneers who are risking their honour, freedom and occasionally also their life in order to change the world for the better. Changes, that we as a society now may perceive as being natural or normal, often only occurred after long and heroic fights. To fight for political and societal change, we must go on an introspective journey to be convinced of the idealistic fight ahead. Only by accurately determining our own beliefs, it becomes possible to conquer any injustices we face. But where does an individual encounter his own limits? This emotional, almost spiritual, way to construct a worldview is comparable to an inner journey where each and every one of us becomes our own spiritual leader. We transform into shamans, priests, or holy men, who through knowledge and experience attempt to shape the world to our personal ideals; that is the main theme of this ethnically mystical, yet youthfully provocative collection.

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Glove Story

Special 13.09.14

Oren Shkedy

Israel 2013, 00:38:10

Glove Story explores the notion of personal space and the all-too-often invasion into it. It asks the question: what are the psychological, physical and social repercussions of treating borders as mere suggestions? This question echoes much stronger in the local political climate of our region and of our times. The film follows four characters through a series of hyper-realistic topographies and architectural settings in which, like in Sartre’s “No Exit”, individuals are one another’s heaven or hell.

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Programme 13.09.13

Johan Planefeldt

India, Germany 2012, 00:11:48

An evolutionary body journey from the beach to the ocean. Spiraling unrevealing in search of the forgotten elements. Meeting the force of nature with sensitivity. Practicing physical awareness, reclaiming a long lost space within the heart of the matter.


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Off Ground

PEARL 2013

Boudewijn Koole

Netherlands 2013, 00:12:25

A light grey room. A slender woman of 50 and a 12-year-old boy. Joined together like the links of a chain. Changing positions at a constant rate. One flowing movement. Never losing touch with each other. A game played by a mother and her child. A kind of tango. Sound of feet. Breathing. Faint smiles. Until suddenly the woman’s hands let go of each other.

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Pearl 12

Rain Kencana

Germany 2012, 00:03:15


Kadir „Amigo“ Memis & Andrea Böge zeigen mit „Maktub“ ein Duo, dessen Ausgangsmaterial der HipHop ist, den Böge mit Flamenco und (der in der Türkei geborene) Amigo virtuos mit Zeybek kombiniert. Die Frage nach kultureller Herkunft bekommt hier tänzerisch Kontur. Gleichzeitig geht es ihnen um das Verhältnis von Mann und Frau.

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